Argumentative roofing contractor

We had roofing, gutters and siding put on our house and are paying a pretty penny for all of it. Piece of the drip edge are are bent and coming up. There’s a huge hole between siding and gutter where critters can get in. Bent and gouge framing around the windows that were just installed… the list goes on. We politely let the Owner know that we did a walk around and would like for him to stop by and address the issues. And everytime we bring up an issue with the work, he gets very argumentative as if everything is perfect and that his workers did nothing wrong etc. He wants to fill a hole with silicone. I will post one of the pics. This is just one of many things that need fixed before final payment. How do you go about an argumentative roofing company owner? This is becoming so stressful.

Not too mention we picked up 20 nails and over 10 cigarette butts because they didn’t clean up the job site….

You need to make a detailed “punch list” and stick to the list. Share the list with your contractor and withhold a reasonable portion of the payment until the issues are resolved. The complexity arises in discerning whether the issue is real or whether you two are now embroiled in a “pissing match” and everything becomes problematic from your perspective, and unreasonable from his perspective. It sounds like objectivity, from both parties, has been tossed by the wayside due to the strenuous dealings thus far? In circumstances where an impasse seems imminent, it is a strategy to contact the supplier, or manufacturer’s rep, of the installed products and ask whether the product warranties will be honored given the current state of the installation. This can trigger a joint inspection of the completed tasks while confirming installation was done according to spec. It also tends to bring the contractor to greater account as they prefer to not be embarrassed in front of their supplier.

Sorry to hear of your troubles and good luck!


Sounds like poor workmanship
The cosmetic problem is one thing my biggest concern would be not so much that the critters can get in but that water can get in also causing a lot of damage inside the house
I don’t see the gutter in that picture and also don’t see any kickout I don’t see what would keep the water from the roof going right into that hole and where it ends up after that
Not knowing what is behind the siding and if the flashing was done properly originally it’s difficult to say if caulking would be appropriate

Since you say the roofing was done I imagine they did something with the flashing Did they replace the old flashing or just slipped the new roof in between the old flashing Most important is what did they do at that corner Did the flashing dead end there ? Did they put any water membrane over that corner ?

Most roofers like to get paid quick and move on to the next job so most likely they don’t get into working on the side of the house and fix any problems because that is extra work they have to do which is not part of the roof

The siding crew also like to get paid quick so they are not going to touch the roof and fix any problems they just work around it The siding is just to make the house look better more like a fresh coat of paint but it is not addressing any structural problems so if the water leaked before and the roofers did not fix the problem the siding crew is certainly not going to fix it by adding a little caulking into that hole

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This is a great point to contact the manufacturer and see if it was installed properly. I would love to have them come inspect it because they cut the other side properly. I just don’t see how a business owner thinks newly framed windows that have been gouged down to the metal by the person who installed it is normal. Anyway we will be having those replaced