Asking for Online Reviews

What do you guys do to get customers to leave online reviews? Some roofing companies in Google seem to have loads…

Ask. Either have a handout or show them how to do it.

We hand out a printed card at the beginning of each job that has directions on how to do a Google review and follow up with an email after the job. We also give foreman 50$ cash for each review they receive.

Like the idea of the card, thanks.

Strategy! Incentivize them. Even though leave a review is quick and easy, its stil their time that they’re offering for free. On the printed card, make sure to includethat they immediately qualify for a free $25.00 visa/gas/gift card of their choice and you’ll have it mailed within 3 business days.Also include that any direct lead they find you that results in a contract, you’ll reward them with a $200 Bonus. This is money well spent. Word of mouth and reviews are the best lead generators and most people automatically assume/chose the company with most reviews as being the best.

Good luck with business!