Asphalt vs. metal prices

I’ve been roofing for almost 15 years. In thoes years asphalt has been on a steady rise yearly. About three years ago I landed a couple of metal jobs and so started my metal roofing, now I do nothing but metal (once and a while asphalt.) Metal has not risen in price over these three years. How many times has asphalt risen? Now they are talking about three increases over the next three months. So I guess the point I am trying to make is why would anyone want to sell anything other than metal? It’s far superior and lasts a lot longer. Most manufactures offer at least a 40 year warr. on the paint. and the profit margin is a lot higher than asphalt.

The profit margin is higher and installation can be quicker with the right crew. We don’t do many shingles either anymore (6 last year). I like it because it stands out from just another roof. It’s a huge market here and we are becoming one of the leading installers around my area. When they raise the cost 20 cents a lf though it adds up quick. Oh and make sure it’s Galvalume otherwise it’s just another roof and will probably last a little longer than shingles.