ASTM Tile Underlayment for Valley? Need response ASAP

I am having my roof replaced with 45 square of O.C. Duration Shingles… The roofers have completed the tear off and felted in with Certinteed Black Diamond peel n sick. Today the shingles were delivered along with ridgevents, vent boots, cap shingles and two rolls of Tamko ASTM Tile Underlayment. My first question is: where would this be used? I have a 6/12 hip roof. My thought it it is for the valleys? None are dead valleys but just valleys where two sections come together and maintain the slope… Is this a good material to use as long as it is shingled over? Is there a better way or better product which should be used? This site is great and thanks for the help.

In my area (sarasota, fl) this material is used in the valleys. On a shingle roof, we use meatl AND weather guard, however only one is required.

I think the combo of black diamond, together with the astm felt you should be fine. This probably exceeds code, unless you are in miami dade(I think you are)


To clarify I am in Melbourne, FL (Brevard County). Is there a need for a metal liner or is the peel n stick and underlayment enough? What should I look for in a good valley?

I personally prefer a metal to be used to help plane out the sections of roof which intersect at the valley.
This is especially true if your decking material is 1x12 as opposed to plywood. If decking is not a smooth transition it can poke through the black diamond overtime.
I’m in your area so if you have any other question please post and I’ll respond.

ditto florida boyz