Atlas Chalet, Insurance wants to do repairs

I have recently discovered we have some wind and hail damage to our roof and that we have Atlas Chalet shingles. The roofer I was working with seemed certain our insurance would pay for a replacement, but they have agreed to repairs only. We live in Ga and our insurance company is Auto-Owners. I spoke with the only Public Adjuster that I could find in our area yesterday, and he said he doesn’t even do residential roofs anymore, due to laws in Ga and difficulty getting a replacement, although I suspect it might have something to do with the lower compensation involved. We don’t have any estimates yet, but we think it is probably about a $20,000 job. Also, once he found out insurance wouldn’t replace, the roofer is ghosting me. I feel we are back at square one. Any advice?

Was the field adjuster aware (or did you let the desk adjuster know) the shingle is discontinued and therefore a proper repair couldn’t be completed?

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Do you have the receipt or some other way to prove it is Atlas Chalet? Who is your insurance with? You can also send the shingle off to ITEL for identification. You should get approved for a new roof if you find an insurance savvy Contractor. Most (90% plus) are not. They’ll tell you they are but when the rubber hits the road, they don’t know enough to help if the Adjuster puts up a fight.

If you will PM me your Contact info (City, Name, Phone), I will reach out to one or two insurance competent contractors I know in GA to see if they can help you.

I don’t have any way to prove it. The house was built in 2004, we bought in 2007. I know one of our neighbors who had the same Builder had Atlas Chalet. The roofer I was working with disappeared as soon as I told him we found out insurance wanted to pay for repair rather than replacement. Our insurance is with Auto Owners. I’m not sure how to PM through this site, as I just found this forum and registered yesterday.

Send email to if you wish. There are other ways to prove it was Atlas Chalet.

Pm sent, @peachy