Attached patio is leaking

We had a small residential job w a 4/12 roof and a partially attached patio… Like 2x4 screwed into the facia … The patio roof is. 2/12 and it is stepped down 3" lower than the drip edge. So now 17 months later it has a small leak. Home owner didn’t want 20" metal at the transition. He didn’t want to pay for gutter and doesn’t think it will work but says he does not want any sealant ( black jack or silicon) because it does not work and is messy. Any ideas?

It needs a simple metal flashing that goes over the lower roofing material and under the higher roofing material. It would only be visible for the 3" step up and 3"(roughly) over the lower roof.

You never said what the lower roofs material was.
That’s important.
If it’s shingles, than standard 5x5flashing or similar
If it’s modified bitumen,
I would have ran my modified up the transition and under evedrip.
If it’s metal, than i would use the 20 inch heavy gauge valley metal and I wouldn’t have consulted the homeowner what they thought about it.
Whatever it needs, it needs.

You always have to redo the porch transition
Flashing even if the homeowner says nothing about the porch and even if it already has a lifetime material on it because when the transition leaks, they will want it fixed by you.

Charge accordingly.

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I agree with roof_lover that roof material is important in this case.