Attaching prefab dormer trusses to main roof

I need to know the proper way of attaching prefab dormer trusses to a roof which has benn completed but not shingled yet. It will actually be two dormers, a faux in front and then an aframe roof in back which will extend over the deck for a covered porch. The plans call for a 2x10 valley jack board which I understand but they do not show how exactly to attach the trusses to the valley jack. Does Simpson Stong Tie make a specific bracket for this? Also I am assuming that the roof sheathing on the dormer will come down to meet the main roof sheathing tightly…? I also need to know how to properly flash in the valley. I know I am asking alot but this is something I have not done before. I consider myself pretty competent at construction, have a little expierience under my belt and catch on fast. My father in law has already paid someone to do the foundation up to the main roof sheathing but money is an issue so we are trying to do as much ourselves from here on out,so good solid advice will be greatly appreciated…Thankyou.

I can help you but thats way to much for one to type. Email me yuor number and i will walk you thru it. This way i understand you and you understand me.

I tried to email you but it asked about my server and i was not sure what to put in. My email is if you want to just email me your phone number and the best time to call. Or email me through my email address and i may be able to reply that way and give you my phone number. Thanks. Jacob