Attention rooflover

Hey buddy, finally getting around to posting those standing seam pics for you.

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I start by installing the j channel on each side of the hip or ridge. Then you can roll on your ridge cap like so.

Next I use this tool to lock the ridge cap on the the j channel by folding it tight.

Panels get box folded to keep any wind driven rain from being able to enter the house.

I don’t put any exposed screws in the roof so I notch the male end of the panel to receive the clips. These notches keep the roof from being able to slide down over time.

Final thing is to install panels. It’s a lot of prep work but once a panel is installed it’s finished. No going back to install z bar and cap. Also before someone mentions “but no ridge vent!!!”, it has 3 of these for ventilation … it will be fine. Lol

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Can i get a pic of the clips holding it down, if ya got it please?

I see no ribs or striations.
How did you get it so perfect( no oil canning)?
I dont see a ripple anywhere
And i would expect to see that with this panel.

Yeah it’s 24g. This is a new construction job and i’m just installing what was on the plan. There is some oil canning (only when the light hits it just right) but it’s quite minor considering the length and width of the sheets. The framers did a fantastic job with the roof which helps a lot!

These are the clips. Sorry I didnt take any in progress pics to them.

Was the installation of the self-adhered also an effort to reduce oil canning?
Because i have done the same thing.

All the laps the same direction as the panels instead of against them.

Or was it simply just ease of installation on a very steep roof?

No, i think it was just used so they could start interior work quicker. The framers did the dry in as well (common here).

It was installed vertically for ease of installation.

Ahh, nice recessed holes on that cleat.
That helps reduce oil canning.

Now i understand why snaplock panels have more oil canning because their fastener holes are not recessed.

Looks good! Installing ridge after pans is such a pain! Going to try this on the next steep pitch roof. Do you do this on lower pitches also? Do you have a method to install rakes and sidewalls before panels also?

I do this method down to a 4/12 pitch and have never had issues. I do a have a similar method for rakes and sidewalls (however the last panel I have always do a bit different).