the insulation in the attic varies as you aid,however,the insulation between the studs on the interior of a home,not the attic;is that the same as the kind we use for vinyl siding?

im pretty sure that you are going to need to submit pics after all the odd questions you have asked (no offence). insulation for siding is called either fanfold, polarwrap, or dow board.

Insulation between the wall studs varies also.
Fiberglass batts, cellulose, sprayed in icynene (sp?), etc.
The insulation that you mechanically fasten to the exterior of the home is most often a rigid foam board, I have seen people use high density wood fiber for this also.

I am not a sider or insulator, I just learn what I can from those around me.
Sometimes you learn what to do as well as what not to do.

Attic insulation is usually a different R value than walls, right?

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does inside insulation(fiberglass) and outside insulation(foam) BOTH have “R-values” ?

R Value

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