Attic moisture

Wondering if any of you have any print material on attic moisture freezing in cold enviroments and then melting during a warm day making it look like a roof leak when it is attic condensation.

I know how it all works but I have a customer who wants something in writing. I thought I would see if any of you have a link or an article in some form or fashion.

Thanks in advance.


actually, contrary to proper roofing belief and contrary to the fact that I’ve never seen the “waterfall effect” myself either; without seeing it, I can’t imagine this is happening unless insulation is laid on the floor of the attic… if you lay insulation on the floor of the attic, you’d leave a chamber of intermediate cold air between the heated space and the frigid outdoors, and the resulting temperature will probably result in that waterfall effect, I’d guess…

I have seen attics raining before. But i have no docs like you are asking ofr. try airvent

Yes, the space that is above the living area (especially a cathedral ceiling) will experience condensate problems if the soffit to ridge vents are not ‘flowing’ properly. only in the cooler climate seasons. So it kind of leaves your thoughts until the next cool climate season but it does not correct itself (usually a 6 month cycle). Talk to you now or in six months. Good Luck!
PS: The summer months cause excessive utility costs to cool the inadequately ventilated areas of the house (upper floors). Do the ventilation in the warm weather and everyone will be “happy”.

sometimes if the gable vents are left open cold air will blow against an uninsulated heat flue which generally causes the moisture to freeze on the sheathing and roof nails,which melt in the day,or when it`s warmer,sorry no literature just life experience—gaf used to have cause +solution brochures though