Attic Ventilation

I am a first time poster, I am not a roofing contractor. But I do own my own carpet cleaning company. I would also like to thank anyone who posts replies to my questions in advance. My questions are this. I own a Ryan home. we built it in 2004 and have had nothing but issues. But to Ryans credit they have stood behind their mistakes and even upgraded about 700 sqft of flooring to tile for me. anyway we had issues with ventilation in our attic, due to the insulation installers not hanging the baffling in the attic and blowing the insulation over all the vents, needless to say it caused mold to grow and the house to sweat. Ryan came and reinstalled the baffling, re insulated, and coated the whole attic with these chemicals to prevent future mold growth. By the way this happened in summer 2007. It is now Jan. 2008 and I have noticed that mu shingles are curling up all over the place. Is this a result from the poor ventilation issues? Also I noticed some bumps of you will where the shingles seem to be pushed up. Will they have to replace just the curling shingles, the entire roof, and all the plywood to remedy this issue? Again thank you for taking the time to read this long winded explanation. By the way a representitive from Ryan homes is coming out to my house this MOnday Jan. 14th to look at the issue, so I want to be ready for any BS that they will likely try to give me. Like the issues I had with my flooring I had threaten law suits, and threaten to place a sign in my yard (as I live next door to the model home) that said Ryan Homes = Bad Homes. then I got some help from them. Have a nice day.

baffling?..I’m not sure what you mean by this…
Do you mean soffit vents and ridge venting?
Could you please elaborate on what and where this baffling is…

Sorry, they never placed any protective barriers for the soffit vents. So when they blew in the insulation it covered all the soffit vents, resticting air flow in the attic. Also the ridge vent was not cut wide enough and the ridge vent cap was screwed down to tight so that the ridge vent was not doing what it was suposed to do.

It sounds like your builder is just a general contractor that subs out all of the work.
Probably to the lowest bidder.
The subcontractors probably don’t work together at all, they may not even like each other…

The problems you are having are very common in this scenario.
Some general contractors are better about taking care of problems than others.
All builders get callbacks, on every single home they build, how they handle it determines if they are any good or not.
Don’t let them off the hook, the money they saved by using cheap labor is now biting them in the ass.

Older more established (reputable) builders have already learned this.
They have less problems, and their problems tend to be less serious.
They take care of it to customer satisfaction, without threats of lawsuits…
The really good builders will stand by their product well beyond the legally required warranty period.

That is an issue that needs to be fixed.
In all fairness this happens to good builders also.
The difference is that a reputable builder doesn’t need to be threatened with a lawsuit to get them to act…

Was the ridge vent reinstalled properly?

You have new baffles, are there soffit vents and are they clear?

You might need a professional roofer who can take a closer look onsite. Or you can try taking a lot of pics and posting them here.

I’ve done some Ryan homes before. They are pretty big in size, multi-state even. The roofers get $32/square labor here in NE Ohio. A bigger company get the work, they give their crew the 32, so maybe Ryan pays 45 tops. A funny thing I saw while working a a Ryan Home… walked into the port-a-john and ‘Ryan Homes model house’ with a big arrow to the toilet was written in big black letters. Quite fitting sometimes. On the other hand, my buddy and his new wife bought a Ryan, got a nice sized house for their money. They like it there, to bad painting of the garage wasn’t included/or an option. No garages in his development got paint from the builder. :roll:

As to your question on the roof looking lumpy & the shingles curling, it sounds to me like you have a 3 Tab (20 year type) roof & the lumps are the decking starting to release on the edges & are pushing up @ the seams.

Photos both from the street, up close & in the attic are definitely warranted here (I’m a fan of PhotoBucket).

The lack of baffles seems to be the biggest issue & it’s possible that you have accurately described your situation & the resultant problems.

You may be able to find some answers on how to deal with your builder when they do not follow through on all of the warranty issues, and it is pretty much a guarantee that they will try to stall and renig on the quality product you thought you were purchasing.

As far as the roof, yes, blocked ventilation can cause deck sheathing buckling and shingle deterioration prematurely.