Average cost for a 24 sq. roof in Eastern Central Florida?

My roof was damaged during Hurricane Matthew, and I’ve been approved for a full re-roof. I’ve called 26 contractors/roofing companies, and have had only 2 estimates. I’m asking for a full re-roof with replacement of 4-5 pieces of sheathing and repair of a ceiling joist and rafter (both can be sistered),

Roof size: 2,346 sq ft.
Squares: 23.46
Roof Slope: 4/12
Home location: Edgewater, Florida

The first estimate was with a roofing contractor and it was for $11,500, with an additional $1.200 if my porch roof doesn’t have transition metal, and $1,000 for gutters. $13,200 seems steep for no interior repairs, and just a re-roof. Estimate also includes a new 2’x2’ low-e skylight, installation of a ridge vent, and new rubber vent pipes.

The second estimate was with a roofing company, and it came out to $10,700 for just the roof - no gutters, only basic skylight replacement.

Both estimates seem ridiculously high to me because I have a relatively average home/roof (1,300 sq. ft home). People at work at telling me they had 1600 sq. ft. homes re-roofed for $6,000 - $8,000 just last year.

Can someone provide some insight as to whether I’m being quoted high numbers because it’s a hurricane insurance claim (the re-roof is not going through my insurance claim, I am paying them)? I have several more roofers coming out to give me estimates, but I feel that they’re way out of the ballpark of where they should be simply because it’s related to the hurricane. I understand there is damage that needs repaired, but they’re replacing sheathing so that shouldn’t jack up the price that much!

Any help/insight would be greatly appreciated!!

TL;DR: Roofing estimates are coming in higher than I expected - what costs should I expect?

Is your roof very “cut up” (meaning does it have lots of different shapes and angles on it)? If it does that affects the price greatly. Also you can thank your states ridiculous codes/regulations/inspections (many of them do nothing for improving a roof install) on every simple job, for driving up roofing prices.

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I wouldn’t think it’s cut up at all . The front portion slopes front to back and the side portion slopes left to right. I hope that made sense. I’ve included a (very) basic sketch on the roof so you can get an idea.

Wow, 26 calls and only two estimates? The hurricane must have filled up everyones schedule. Receive 3-4 estimates and then analyze them. Choose local contractors only. Ones that don’t subcontract if you can get them. Forget rain gutters and just go with the roof and repair of skylight. It sounds as if all the contractors are so overloaded with work and so they have raised their prices. It is what it is. 8 Thousand sounds like an honest good price for a roof your size and in Florida, but you will have to pay whatever they charge. Remember Insurance usually doesn’t pay the full amount that is required in order to get a great job.

They are SLAMMED! sigh I’ve had roofers from 20 miles away tell me I’m too far, so they’re obviously not hurting for work. I’m hoping I get a few more reasonable estimates before I make a decision. I have had a few companies tell me that they only work with insurance companies, but that seems shady to me. I’m okay paying for a good company to do a good job, but whew! Maybe I’ll just wait until next year and their schedules open up a little. Haha, only kidding. :slight_smile:

I have an amazing insurance company, so they told me if I can’t get everything fixed for the total, minus deductible, they’ll reassess the damages with the contractor bids. I just really want to get this taken care of sooner than later! I mean, I have 5 holes in my roof!

Sounds like it should be $7500 to $8500. It would depend on Florida xactimate rates. If you can wait 6 to 8 weeks, people will be looking for work. Find a local company that is reputable and doors insurance work. Share the scope of loss with them. If they need to supplement for some missed items, support them. You should be fine.

That’s what I’ve been told, so hopefully the next few estimates come close to that! That’s what my insurance estimated the cost using xactimate rates.

I am one of the largest roofers in the country. I am in central east Florida and I work specifically with insurance. I can help you out. Send me a private message. I am in the Jacksonville area and can to help you with the roofing if you haven’t already had it looked at.

By the way I only use Xactimate so I know I can help. Hope you are well.