Bad Installation?

Please take a look at these photos and tell me if this is a poor installation.

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The job was done in January near Seattle,WA. Daytime temps were in the 30’s and 40’s and nights were in the 20’s. The old shingles were stripped, no sheeting was replaced (OSB over old skip sheeting), 30lb felt was installed and new shingles (Pabco Premier 30 year) were power nailed.

I thought that the felt looked pretty wavy after it was installed, but I hoped they knew what they were doing. At completion I told the contractor that I was really unhappy about the job and that I thought it looked like an old roof with curling shingles. (I had also expressed unhappiness with the appearance about 1/8 of the way through and he said “don’t worry”.) He promised it would calm down within a week or two after a few sunny days and that I didn’t need to pay him the second half of the contract until I was happy. Well three weeks have gone by and it looks the same. I am not in a habit of not paying my bills, nor do I want to threaten to sue this guy, but I am not sure what else to do. Wait until summer and if some real heat doesn’t relax it by then demand action?

By the way, yes he is licensed, bonded and insured and says he has 25 years in the business. Of course he didn’t personally install the roof…

Any advice would be greatly appreciated, even if its “Hey lady, it looks fine what’s your problem?”

Thank you.


Here are your pictures.

call the manufacturer of the shingle, and let them tell your contractor he screwed it up. That way your contractor cant argue. Or you could call a consultant. It sounds like you contractor is a straight up dude. Just keep an open dialog with him, if he cares about his reputation in the community he will fix it to your satisfaction. It wont be the first time a contractor had to redo a job. unfortunately.


The contractor told you to keep the money till you are satisfied.

Why do you think you have to threaten to sue???

Cowboy, if you’re still out there, do you agree then that the roof looks bad?

Lefty, the reason I would sue would be that he already has $4,000. I can’t get a roof re-done out here for less than $8-9,000, so that $4,000 I still have won’t get me a new roof. I can ask him to re-do it, but as I understand it, the guy who put it on was his lead man, so why would it look better next time - especially if he has yet to acknowlege that it was done wrong.

Sorry to hear your not happy with the work performed. This happens from time to time. To me it looks as the shingles have not sealed down yet. I had that happen and it took 3 months for them to finaly lay down. How cold has it been and how cold was it when they installed the roof?
If it has been under 40 degrees this can happen.

The contractor seems to be a real stand up guy, thats rare in this business with all the troublemakers around. I would keep the lines open like cowboy said and see if he can work with you. Honestly i do not see anything that is out of the ordinary here.

Call the manufacturer before you start threatening your contractor. He is your only friend in this right now. Keep it that way. IF you must get nasty later then so be it, but right now you have lots of options, litigation is a LAST resort. Call the manufacturer!!!

I really appreciate the feedback, and I want to assure you that I am not hot to file a lawsuit or something. I appreciate how polite and easygoing my roofer has been and I hope we can work it out. I am concerned about the fact that he is not very concerned about how it looks, while my reaction is “wow, that looks bad”.

I haven’t really heard anyone here agree that this looks that bad, so am I wondering if I am wrong. Does anyone think this looks bad and probably won’t fully flatten out? Or is the consensus that it will look great later?

Thank you for your opinions.

It all depends. It will only take a weekend of 75 -80 degree temps to find out if the roof will flatten out or not. The manufacturer as cowboy said can probably make that determination sooner than anyone. It looks bad now but not bad enough to say it is a bad installation. If the temps were cold and the materials were stored awkwardly and bent they may have a kink in them that is making it look like that, and heat will relax it eventually. If the felt underneath the shingles is wrinkled odds are it will always be wrinkled looking.

were the shingles delivered to the roof and layed over (bent) the peak. if so, this will cause them to look more curled than usual after installation, but they should eventually lay down. i personally would not be overly concerned at this point if i was the contractor. it is way too early in the year for shingles to seal. as long as they dont blow off…they should seal eventually. but not until the weather changes drastically. have the rep. look at it. it may take a while to get the rep from the manufacture to come out. i personally have never heard of that brand.

Hi Marshall exteriors.

They are a brand from the west coast. I think they are made in Washington state.

I agree with what they are saying.


We install Pabco shingles as well as other brands all year long in Alaska. I would agree with what was stated about the shingles needing several days of warm temps. to settle down.
I would say though that several of the humps in the roofing look like they might be high nails that did not get beaten down or pulled. You could ask your roofer to check that out, Otherwise I would wait for some warmer weather.



We install Pabco shingles as well as other brands all year long in Alaska. I would agree with what was stated about the shingles needing several days of warm temps. to settle down.
I would say though that several of the humps in the roofing look like they might be high nails that did not get beaten down or pulled. You could ask your roofer to check that out, Otherwise I would wait for some warmer weather.


if they are causd from nails, he would be the worst roofer ever :shock: , you would think he would notice this while felting and correct it. so if he has been around for 25 years, i dont think that is the problem.


I was not saying he was a bad roofer just with overnight temps. in the 20s the air lines might be somewhat frozen if he didn’t drain his tanks. Combine that with the cold lumpy shingles and you could end up with a few high nails. It could happen.


hello cleo,
well the first thing the roofer did wrong is tell ya you can keep half
the money.
now in your defence if he/she shingled over wrinkly felt/underlayment,
then that would contribute to a wrinkly roof, and even when the shingles heat up and lay down you still see the wrinkly felt underneath.
if the shingles were really bumpidy when they came out of the package
(this happens alot), then they are not going to lay down until they get alot of heat.
again, try layin a heatin blanket up there put it on full blast, and see if
it dont help lay them down.
ive never tryed this but it just sounds like a good idea.

maybe some of the snow members here may have better

good luck


LMAO gweedo. :lol:

Well, aren’t Dimensional shingles supposed to look like cedar shakes anyhow?? :wink:

OK, to be cereal for a moment…

A few additional questions:

What did your roof look like before? Was it strips (3 Tab / 20 Year) or Dimensional (30 Yr, like what you now have)? If it was 3Tab, did your roof look somewhat uneven or show any high beams, i.e. sagging between the rafters?

If it was Dimensional, did the shingles lay fairly flat on the old roof, minus a few little things here & there?

As for the felt, you say it was done with new 30 #, however you don’t mention whether or not the old layer(s) of felt was fully removed. If you didn’t get a good look @ the roof deck, chances are the new felt might not have laid down correctly & could have wrinkled. In that regard, I’m with Gweedo… once wrinkled, always wrinkled.

I do, however, agree that a good 2 day bender of 75 degree days might be all you need. Can’t say much for the idea of a heater blanket… Ooh, ooh… I know! :idea: Why not go out there with a really long extension cord & a hair dryer.

The mere fact that he’s allowed you to retain ½ the payment means that he has probably paid for parts but labor & profit is still unaccounted for. I say give it awhile & see what happens. Mind you, if you’re in a region that is prone to snow, this might be quite the problem. what sort of direction does your ridge run? N / S with prevailing winds & snows out of the W & towards this slope you have shown us could be an issue.

Again with the snow, did you get any kind of an ice & water shield for the perimeter of the house?

This might all help us further to help you out.

This happens alot with architectual shingles that are installed in cooler weather. I had this happen a couple of times, and of course the home owner thought I instell the roof all wrong.

This mainly occures becuase the way the shignles are packaged. Every other shingle is upside down in the packaging, this is what GAF told me. But I do know that forebearing any incorectly fastened nails or wrinkles in the felt, you shingles should settle down after a good stint of warm weather. Pay you contractor already!

Wow, look at all that feedback. Thanks, Guys!

In response to Ranchhand, we had 3 tabs before, and while they were looking their age, I do not recall any waviness or humps/ sags anywhere. I didn’t see the raw sheeting at anytime, so I guess I can’t be sure that the old felt was removed. The new felt was wavy after it was nailed down. I know he rolled it out and nailed as he went, and temps were in the 30’s and very light rain at times. I would have thought he should have let the felt relax a bit or something before nailing because it was cold and the felt really held it’s rolled shape.

The ridge does run N/S but our chances for snow are very low at this point. I was told we don’t use the ice dam protection system here because we have relatively temperate weather (only occasionally dips below high 20’s, snow usually only a few inches and gone in a couple days and only 2-3 snows per year)

Ridgewalker, I am really not a jerk. I just can’t pay him more if there is a chance the roof will stay like this. It really sounds like I will have to wait until late spring or summer (or a heat spell) to find out whether this is a felt or shingle issue. This does not make me at all happy (holding back the money) I really just want closure on this. It’s only one of many projects (headaches) going on at my house.

Thank you for all of this information.