Bad Roofing Job?

Just had a new roof put on my house - $5400. About what I expected.
Walking on the roof the other day and counted 55 nails that are showing.
Having roofed when I was younger, I know this is not good.

Am I correct to assume that all shingles with the nails showing will need to be replaced at a minimum?

Just wanted to make sure I’m not overlooking anything.

IO’d be p.o.'ed and calling the “roofer” back for warranty service, pronto. Depending on the site conditions, they may be able to be driven flush, but most times if they coulda, they woulda.

Was this work subbed out from the guy you signed with?

No, signed with the roofer who had his helpers do the roof. He even told me he walked the roof to check on the quality of everything when it was done.
It just shocked me to see all the nails from the roofing gun that went too low and will eventually let water through.
Thanks for the reply.

usually a couple are normal, like 2 or 3 (we call them 1/2 moons)but 55 is quite excessive, but we go back and put color matching GSL on them.


Have them fixed.

I wouldn’t think that if you are a quality oriented roofing company, you would expect to have your guys going so fast with the nailers that they can’t put the nails where they’re supposed to be.
Really now, to do the best job possible, ( which seems fairly simple to me ), how many of the roofers on this site think it’s OK to leave nails showing? Isn’t the whole purpose of the roof to shed water from top to bottom and not leave any way for the water to penetrate the house?

And I don’t expect this guy to slap 55 gobs of silicone on my roof.

[quote=“Fine Edge”]

And I don’t expect this guy to slap 55 gobs of silicone on my roof.[/quote]

i said 2 or 3 not 55 !!!


Speed has nothing to do with it.

They are careless.

You made a bad desicion when you picked the contractor.

im with marshall on this one.
as a matter of fact i have a sayin i use all the time.
" if you dont have any low nails, then you have to many high nails".
i want to see low nails on demensional shingles, cause a low nail holds alot better than a high one, and im more worried about the whole roof blowin off, than fixin an exsposed nail or two down the road.
ive seen theese exsposed nails on 20 yr old roofs, not causin any problems, they are not a big deal.


I agree with lefty. Speed has nothing to do with it and every good shingler is going to have a low nail every once in a while the thing is is he going to pass by it or fix it. If I see them on my roofs I make my guys pull them. I also agree that one or two may get by and thats not that bad. If I seen 55 on my roofs I would fire everybody without even questioning it. Get that roofer back out and make him fix them all.

I can understand the relation between low nails & high nails but isn’t there a certain place that these roofing nails "should "be?
Let’s put it in my perspective.I’m a former homebuilder who switched into the landscape / hardscape business in 1992 ( keep me on the ground!). When I install a 900 sq. ft. paver patio, the entire patio is pitched the correct way. If I have areas that dip and allow water to stand, I have failed in my attempt to properly install this patio. then my customer comes to me and says, “Did you know there’s 2 or 3 areas where water stands?” Well, let me just fix it. OK problem fixed, but I still messed up the job. That’s why I make sure to compact & screed until I KNOW it will be right.
You see, it’s not just about 55 nails. It’s about all of the service industry trying to police themselves and set some type of higher standards that will seperate the bad from the good from the elite. Roofing, framing, landscaping, plumbing, it doesn’t matter. There’s always going to be hacks out there but that doesn’t mean we should settle for mediocrity just to GET THE CHECK.I guess it just depends on what you consider the highest quality work. I know if I was a roofing company, I wouldn’t settle for any nails placed where they shouldn’t be. And they shouldn’t be placed where you can see them.

So, mackers, I’ll agree that given the # of nails it takes to complete a roof, some may go low.
Do you replace the shingles or pull the nails and hope they seal themselves or use some type of silicone?

I pull the shingle and replace it with a new one. I can say there are not that many roofers in the industry today that will do the right thing. Most roofers today are looking for the fast money and not taking care of there customers. I will always pull the shingle!!

[quote=“Fine Edge”]So, mackers, I’ll agree that given the # of nails it takes to complete a roof, some may go low.
Do you replace the shingles or pull the nails and hope they seal themselves or use some type of silicone?[/quote]

Any exposed nails are unacceptable. However, 2 or 3 is a human error where even when you look for them you still might not see them. I’m sure I have 2 or 3 on every roof out there but if I saw them it would not be left that way. I’m sure I have no roofs with 55 of them, that sounds like a drunk with poor depth perception to me.

I’m with you on this. I think the majority of roofing OWNERS with real experience and training would pull the damn shingles, it doesnt take long at all. The problem is, you hire someone else and sometimes you can tell them until youre blue in the face that quality is number one, and in there minds theyre still thinking, “I’ll bang this out and ask for a raise.”

Now THAT’S the type of reply I was looking for!!!
Well, good luck guys, I have to go get 55 shingles out of my shed for the roofer when he shows up!

Dont let them do anything different. Make them change all the shingles!!!


If you are in the construction business.How did you land up with a guy who did work like that?

not to beat a dead horse but… when you finish running hips or caps, isnt there 2 nails exposed no matter what? what do you do to address this? i have been on …oh i dont know 30,000 roofs and i dont think i have ever seen (even on a 50 year old roof) those last 2 nails leak. thats why i choose to GSL (and i forgot to mention add granules) if its 2 or 3 nails, def. not 55.

its funny that the low nail thing only happens with demensional shingles.
get yourself a three tab, you wont have this problem.
two peace demensionals are junk.

and if you just have to have the junk then hand nail them and you wont have any low nails.