Bad roofing or too picky?

I recently had a roof job and was surprised at all the incidents afterward. To start off, the roofers left about a 4 to 5" square section under the shingles just busted out…there was also a busted gutter…neither of which were addressed until I mentioned them to the salesman.
Then, I looked at the finished job two weeks after the job, and after a heavy wind storm…to my amazement, the shingles were flapping up and down as if they were waving and glad to see me…
It was then I noticed the ‘waves’ in the finished job…there appears to be a couple of them of which the salesman said they were just part of my under-structure…
Now I am not an expert but I’ve never, ever seen waves in a roof…and it seems like they should have brought this to my attention Before they put the shingles down, and at least given me the option of using plywood instead of the slates that came with the house…
They said they would come back to tack the shingles that flew up, back down but I am not sure if I should expect them to get rid of the waves also…they were originally installed in 50 degree weather, right before the spring.

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I am going to go out on a limb here and make an assumption based on your post.Shingle’s that are waving at you should not be looked at in a positive manner. :lol:

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that doesn’t look real good, hard to tell for sure from the pics but looks like a lot of nail pops holding the shingles up for wind to catch. If it can be fixed by just renailing and sealing the shingles it’s not that big a deal to fix but that depends on why the nails are popping so soon after being done. Either they were under-driven when installed which can be fixed easily or they are popping out because the decking is bad, the only way to fix that is to remove them and replace the decking.

The one line in the roof that is really obvious is a truss a bit high, could be from the building settling or it could have been set a bit out of line during construction. The other spots that look wavy in the pics would make me think you may have more bad sheathing but if the builders didn’t line up thier trusses well it could be that, hard to say for sure without actually being on the roof

Usually waves or dips are caused by the spacing between two rafters being a little to far apart in combination with the thickness of plywood used. Over the years with some weathering the plywood will start to sink/set in between the space and will make a wavy look.

Since it is 50 degrees right now where you are i am assuming that it snows in your area. I would figure the weight of snow and moisture can cause those dips also. But im not an expert in northern roofing.

In the south i usually dont mess with plywood unless it is rotten or broken. If its a little warped i wont touch it. As soon as you replace that one, the one on the side off it will look off. Before you know it you redeck the entire house, and reset all the rafters.

As for the shingle flapping, i don’t think you received enough warm weather to seal them down yet.

The nails that are popping up might mean they missed the decking(nailed between two sheets), they should pull those out and nail a little higher.

Its a little tough to tell with the pictures.

Sorry for the late reply.
I’ve uploaded another photo, which shows the issue I was describing as ‘waves’, which appear to be where additions onto the house before I bought it…
Seems like the roofers should have brought this to my attention before they even started roofing.
I would have had them do it right if I had the choice.
I am still not sure how to handle this as I am not happy and am worried as to what this roof will look like in a few more years.
Oh, yes those are ‘nail pops’, about 35 of them all over the place but mostly on this south side of the house.
Any help is appreciated

Not to take sides here but…
The “waves” aren’t a result of your new roof. They were there before the roof. You probably never scrutinized your roof until the new install. Most installers won’t either.
The time to address this would have been when the estimate was done.

Yes, that is a structural issue. I’m assuming since you didn’t see it before your new roof was installed that you probably had 3-4 layers of shingles on that thing. Many layers of shingle will hide stuff like that but when there is only one layer it just telegraphs right through. Generally that is caused by spacing the rafters too far apart and/or thin plywood. Typically re-decking the roof with 5/8" or 3/4" plywood will make it go away. Sad to say you are stuck with it. Shame you went with the cheapest shingles known to man… If you’d gone with a thick , chunky shingle like Certainteed Presidential TL I doubt you’d even notice that issue. Not completely the roofers fault imo. Although a high end roofing company would normally bring something like that to the clients attention; I know we would. You can argue all day but you’re traveling through gray area here.

Good replies, thanks… Not sure what to do now…

Roofers= shingle nailers…decking/rafters= carpenter/framer…Two different trades.

Get them to fix the popped nails… If they dont do that then i would think they are unprofessional.

If you sue them for the structural issues i would think your a complete tool.

As a hairstylist, if a customer ever came in wanting a bleach job, and I knew, as a professional, that her hair was in a fragile state, I would refuse,(which I have) knowing it would probably just fall out.
I wasn’t granted this privilege…
As a professional, it seems the roofing company should have been able to ascertain the condition of my roof upon inspection.
I could understand them not knowing the condition of the sublayer before taking off the shingles but I have an issue with this passing inspection after they were removed…yet still nothing was said…seems like they could have seen a problem.
I know professional job when I see it and this wasn’t it.
Nail pops are one thing, but ignoring a potential faulty sublayer seems different.
6 Months later… seems the real tool is the owner who hasn’t returned one phone call since…

This is a slippery slope for the contractor, he probably figures he is not gonna be able to make this homeowner happy and he may be right. At this point six months later there is probably some hard feelings since has not returned any calls.

Can any of you guys share you’re strategies for dealing with grey areas like this.

Why you make slides or waves in the roof?As we know that the slides roofs only make in the snow falls areas for removing the snow.What is the major logic of the slides roofs?

We usually make them to entertain the kids. They get a lot more speed than the ones at the park, saves a trip also!

This is what i would do if i were the contractor for your job. I have had experience with this situation in the past.

  1. I would have 2 carpenter/framers provide an estimate on fixing the cosmetic issues with the rafters.
  2. I would contact the home owner, let them know the expense of fixing the cosmetic issues.
  3. I would replace the shingles in the affected areas at my expense, as long as the home owner is willing to pay the carpenter/framers for the cosmetic issues.

I agree that the roofer should of said something to you before putting the shingles on. But would you of been willing to pay the extra expense to fix the issues?

From the look of your pictures, i would say that all the decking would have to be removed. All rafters would have to be re-supported and leveled, and new decking would have to be installed. This is the only way i could guarantee that it would look right.

Any roofer here will agree with me that 3-Tab shingles will show any defect on the roofs surface. they are flat and have no dimension.

In my opinion, if you chose to go as cheap as 3-tab, i doubt you would of been willing to pay for the cost associated with fixing the cosmetic issues of your roof.

I am not sure why everyone assumes I was trying to save a buck with the type of shingle I choose. I have good insurance so this wasn’t even an issue… The salesman, new to the profession, never explained to me the difference between the two types of shingles…and since he told me these had a 25 year warranty, well hell, I reasoned, that sounds pretty good and I’ll most likely be dead before then.
If the salesman would have come out and told me the 3 tab was cheap, believe me, I wouldn’t have used them…argggg

I feel your pain. Not all HO’s are looking for the quick/cheap fix. Some of us start out by suggesting the top of the line material. Sometimes, that can be downgraded to a lessor product. Sometimes it can’t, but even then many HO’s like yourself are looking at/for value, not price.

Insurance only pays for whats damaged by the storm. Your deductible + Re-framing + Re-decking + shingle upgrade, would of been all out of pocket expenses.

Im not trying to be hard on you… The point i am trying to make with you is, before you get all huffy puffy with your contractor… find out the cost of fixing the framing issues first.

A lot of times when i come across these situations, the home owner decides the wavy look doesn’t look as bad as the estimate to fix it.

If the home owner is willing to pay for those expenses then i would re do it and lose out to make the customer happy.

as for the nails popping up… they need to take care of that. And if they dont, they are wrong for not doing so.

Thanks, I really appreciate all great advice.
Will update soon.

Finally, the owner contacted me…we were able to come to an agreement and I got my roof done right. Looking back, I found the pamphlet that their salesman showed me and figured out why there was so much confusion. The shingles they initially installed were not the shingles shown to me from out of their brochure. With the better quality shingles, the framing issues are hardly noticeable now.
New photo was uploaded.
Thanks RoofingRevolution, you really helped me keep my cool throughout this whole ordeal…