Balcony underlayment

What systems has everyone found to be the best for balcony underlayments? Architect wants a floor tile installed over system. There are no definitive product approvals I have been able to find and reps don’t seem to have any advice. For past companies I’ve worked for, we usually would do a SBS modified system with smooth modified midply. Sealoflex CT could be installed as an optional additional waterproofing. I am in South Florida so we do have a high velocity wind zone code that requires product approvals. Any advice or input is appreciated. Thanks in advance

PVC is the best material for decks, followed by EPDM.

Durolast 50 mil. Make sure that there is walk pads welded on also.

Google “Vulkem 350 under tile”

The builder more than likely built your poarch flat.
Every roof needs a pitch.
You need a pitch while still
Leaving plenty of room under your access door.
1/4inches per foot slope at least.
The pitch will be so slight, you wont be able to see it.
Have the framers do this if it is not already built.
Here is some basic instruction.
Install hardi 4x8 siding over the decking.
This gives you the concrete base you need.
Seal all seams according to instructions.
Cure and then install multipe coats as instructed.
Ready for tile installation.
I would hire someone who has already done this work.
" good luck" on your search!!!

Oh, and also make sure gutter is installed above all this.

Also grow a tree to block sideways blowing rain from intruding on your access door causing a leak. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I concur, liquid multi layer system is designed for this use. There are lots of them available, including Gaco, Pacific Polymers, Tremco, etc. Make sure the deck is designed for the weight, should have 1-1/8" t&g plywood if possible or at least 5/8 t&g. Tape the joints, detail edges and where it ties into the wall per manufacturers recommendations and install a system designed to be used under tile. If the tile is going to be layed over a mortar bed, install a protection/drain mat like ditra drain.

Done quite of bit of commercial work in the past but have limited experience with tpo and PVC. From what I understand the tpo is a little better than PVC. Can tile be installed on top of either? From balcony’s on houses I’ve seen in the past, the tile installers use a thinset to install. The good ones will put a mud bed for flatter surface and better adehsion. But this was also always on sbs modified system. Rarely have I seen EPDM in South Florida on residential or commercial. The house is a new construction and balcony will be wood framed/plywood sheathing. It will have1/4" slope.

I am familiar with the gaco products and will look into this. Thanks for advice guys.