Ball Park Price

I have a small problem, almost literally. I have a house with a reading room that protrudes out the side of the house. Because it sticks out, it has a flat roof with about 90 square feet of surface area and a drain in the middle. I can look at it and tell it at least needs to be resealed between the layers (excuse me, don’t know the proper vocabulary) if not a complete tear off. Only guessing that because it has a couple of areas of standing water. But no one in Cleveland Ohio will take on the quote because the square footage is too small or they are so far booked out that the won’t be able to see it till well into September. My fear is once they hear / see the size, they will simply say they do not projects like that as others have already done.

For now, I’m just looking for a ballpark idea of how much it would cost to replace a roof that size, being the worse case scenario. Or at least a few things I can do to reseal it myself to possibly get me through the winter.

For example, is this something that will cost a couple hundred of dollars, or is this something that will cost 2 or 3 thousand dollars?

It varies in price by location.

It amazes me how many contractors WILL NOT do small jobs.I will do ANYTHING roofing.So many times I have replaced a couple blow offs only to get COMPLETE re roofs by neighbors,friends,families etc.

If I were in your neck of the woods,I would do it.That’s sad stuff IMO.

Post some pix.Alot of knowledgeable flat roofers here.

And $200-$300???—Geez,it’s a referral.

I love the big $20,000+ jobs.Who doesn’t??? BUT a solid referral is PRICELESS!!!

I have small repair guys.Besides in repairs you CAN make some decent coin,IMO of course.

I’m with ya roofmaster… I don’t mind doing small repairs at all… Actually I love them… For instance $50 in material, $100 in labor, and priced at $750. That can be done in a hour and $600 profit… Or a reroof over two days and make $2000 with dumpsters, permits, roof deliveries, complicated homeowners…Yeah, reroofs is where we make most of our money but the repairs add up quick…

its only a square, but most roofing companies will have a small job minimum. ours for a job like that would be $750.

While we may only charge $350-400 on an area that size if we were doing a whole roof… it still takes awhile to drive to the job site, set up, get it done, clean up, inspect, etc etc. Even a little job like that will kill the better part of a day for 2 guys.

I’d say you could do a TPO or PVC… or even EPDM overlay, then just seal it all up, and make sure if there is any wall flashing, its still good, and make sure that drain is clear… and sealed up good.

if you are a bit of a “DIY” kind of guy, you could clean it really good, and coat it with an elastomeric paint. Probably cost ya $30 to do that yourself.

You can take idea any one real estate company then company tell you what is the cost of this contract.

Could you break that down into infidel terms?

I would not bid this as a re-roof, at typical re-roof rates…you would not make any money.

I would call a roofer and tell them you have a for a repair, I think you would get a better response.

Something like this, I would simply estimate hrs to take to complete and multiply it by the hrly rate.