Ballast removal

Does anybody know of a company that will remove ballast from a roof, preferably clean it, and reinstall after I put my epdm down? I’m talking a 200 square roof here, nothing tiny. I’m in Maryland, so hopefully someone close by.

What is the cutoff for tearing off in the rain? i always say 30% or greater and i won’t tear off. But I’m starting to need to work and I’ve got rain in the morning, then clearing up, then rain friday afternoon. Thunderstorms for a week after that. I need to do something here.

oops wrong thread Sorry I don’t know any companies

Here’s an idea though-rent a shooting boom forklift, and build a bin to attach to the forks, unload the rock using it and some cheap labor (not illegal labor). You can have someone cleaning them (I don’t know what you would clean them with-garden hose & bleach?) while you lay the rubber and then shoot em back up.
I have a forklift and we use it for all kinds of stuff from loading the roof to manlift to mobile trash container. Just gotta have the space to drive it without wrecking someone’s yard. Sounds like on a 200 sq commercial job you would.

its only 200 sqs. so what i would do is like 10 - 20 sqs. @ a time, id shovel the ballast into gravel buggies & leave the ballast in them, rip & replace that section, & then dump the ballast back on. or call rk hydro in pennsylvania,have them suck the whole roof of into a couple dump trucks, & then crane it back up after. i still think the buggies are cheaper & youll have the ballast still on the roof incase the winds pick up.

Sorry I’m in Texas, but I have to say that I climbed on a restaurant that the previous roofer had placed an epdm roof and had placed these yard trash bags all over the roof. They had decayed so bad to reveal, gravel. He didn’t adhere the material other than the parapet. I guess he thought he would ballast the thing with the bags. Yes it was a total disaster. The roof was 4yrs old and just a joke. That roofer still to this day works in my area and still gets jobs, even though he is the sorriest excuse for a roofer and a person, I have ever met. Sorry to go off topic.

That’s funny. RK Hydro is in Texas also. Their vacuum trucks are probably a good idea for you. Even for a small job. I’ve tried to sweep and shovel, uhggg,… not fun.

It doesn’t need to be cleaned. it should have already been washed gravel before the original install. Not to mention it’s been there for years and has been cleaned by several rain storms. As far as removing it, if you are only doing 20 square or less per day you can just shovel that amount and put it right back. If you vac all of it at once then you have to plan on doing a lot more than 20 squares per day. The gravel is holding the membrane down so if you get any strong winds with no gravel the roof may come off in the wind. A good crew should be able to do 40 - 60 square per day at least.


Just watch the weight if you keep it on the roof. I have seen bent or broken trusses because too much was put in one spot.

Thanks for the info guys. I’m just getting hydro-vac out there. It ends up we’re doing the 240 sq. building next door now too. It will just be faster and easier for close to 450 squares.

Thanks for all the help.