I have a client with an older (1980’s) ballasted multi-ply roof. The roof is in good shape but is in a high wind zone. Is there a product which could be applied to the roof to help contain the ballast so that it is not blown off as easily?

I’ve seen people coat asphalt based low slopes with coatings like Karnak 220 and then toss the ballast over that (most of the ballast will stick in the coating) But man what a repair nightmare!

Multi-ply? Do you mean a BUR (or tar and gravel) roof?

If so, roofboss likes the double pour of the ballast. This will lock it in place nicely.

If youre not talking BUR, then this wouldnt apply.

IF you are talking tar and gravel and the rock is blowing off it is on much too thick.if its epdm and the rock is larger.most manufacturers sell a 4" rock guard that can keep it on the roof.

hey woodi
sounds like rock are blowin off and breakin windsheilds.

look into spf over b.u.r./gravel.
you can find info on this at
if that doesnt work.
send me a message and i will send you some photos and info on the

good luck.