Barrel Tile Questions

Walked into a house yesterday, climbed up in the attic and poof

There we have a Spanish Tile roof system installed over 1x4 plank boards gapped out like a cedar shake roof would normally be installed. Daylight everywhere…leaks (ofcourse)

Ive not done a world of tile but if memory serves me correct? Tile is supposed to have a decking 1/2" with a min of at least tile and metal underlayment? (weather guard)

In Florida Ive seen them hot mopp app 180 even on an 8/12 pitch. Ive never seen tile put on with out decking

My question to you guys is? Have you?

Even while I was in Germany (nothing but tile) there was decking and weather guard on 1x2"

Am I wrong for thinking there should be decking?

most new build roofs in scotland and england are layed with felt over the rafters and then tile battens and then tile battened the felts has probs rooted am amusing your seeing the back of the tiles from inside

Do you have a picture?