Batten Counter Batten lumber thickness

I’m considering installing a metal roof over battens and counterbattens.
Product: Mill Steel 26g painted with Akno-nobel 1050, Polar White.

Does anybody have a feel for if this will work?
1x3s screwed on 2’ centers (perpendicular to the ridge for ventilation) with
1x3 counter battens screwed to the battens on 2’ centers (parrellal to ridge for frame for metal)

My concern is that the 1x material for counter battens could sag in the bays between the battens. An option may be to tack in a '1x block, maybe 6" long in each bay. That way I could still get the benefits of a soffit to ridge vertical thermal break as well as sufficient framing for the metal to rest on. I certainly do not want the metal to sag in the 21" bay.

Another but more cost option would be to use 2" material (actually 1.5") for the counter battens over the 1x battens…

Contact the steel manufacturer and get their requirements.