I was randomly contacted by the BBB today, and they let me know that I just recently have met their criteria for accreditation. Costs $440 bucks per year with my less than 10 employees. Wondering whos accredited out there and how important you all think it is as a selling tool. I’ll stand behind what I do with or without them but if it can help sell I might justify the $

its a HUGE selling tool.

around here, a LOT of customers look on the BBB website before even calling a roofing company, and most wont use them if they arent listed.

we have a perfect rating with them, zero complaints (for 3 years) and i tell every customer about it!!

there a joke and a waste of money. we were members of it years ago. They do nothing for anyone except try to get you to send them a check.

I agree with RooferJ. Its a way to get money out of you. It still says on the website if you are in good standing with them or not. Being a NARI member has helped a lot more than the BBB.

well as my company found out we do more high end homes and our custermers would not even consider us if we was not with bbb, we pay around 900 year thats half one roof profit

im a a member with an a+ rating. wether you think they just want your money or not…homeowners check.

I personally think its a joke. That being said homeowners love it. I put the BBB logo on everything I can signs cards flyers all of it.

Even if you are not a paying member it still says how many complaints you have had.

For us, it is worth the investment.

I told the BBB 15yrs ago to quit telemarketing us. To date, they call our office at least once a month. We still tell them to quit telemarketing us. When I tell them we are not interested in joining any more organizations at this time, they get angry and hang up.

Our opinion on the BBB is if you’re running a legit business and treating customers right, you don’t need the BBB. I’ve only had one customer in 24yrs ask me, if we were members of the BBB. I told them we are members of many organizations that deal directly with our business. We are members of the Texas Roofing contgractors association, Texas Residential Construction Commission and GHBA. We have current accounts with 6 supply companies and you are welcome to check our reputation with all of them.

Its far better to be in NRCA , Cedar Shake and shingle bureau or some other trade related group. It is also good to be in your local chamber of commerce.
The BBB con artist call my office as well, LOL.Most people that are members of it are new in the business, It really means absolutly nothing. To each his own though.

One problem with BBB is that it gives a customer the idea that they should go to the BBB first with any complaints, instead of coming to you.

So, if there was a miscommunication and the customer felt they were left unwhole, all of a sudden there is a complaint against you - and the customer didn’t make any effort to come to you to get it cleared up.

Everyone loses.

Ask any contractor around Ohio. We hate the BBB. We just got our first complaint in 19yrs! Here’s the kicker. We didn’t even do the job. The lady got the shaft from another contractor. She pulls out my year old estimate and calls the BBB. She’s never responded back to them to even confirm it was actually us. Now our report is blemished and there is nothing we can do about it. Just says 1 complaint, resolved. BBB is an f’ing joke!!!


There needs to be a BBB to hold the BBB responsible for there own actions. They are nothing more than a company out to make money and service customers just like the rest of us. It’s not like they are non-profit. As businesses no one is perfect. There is a roofing Co in Akron Ohio who bought$$$ there accredited business status with the BBB!! “wait a minute didn’t all BBB members do that.” Well some companies buy it again after they get too many complaints (so I’ve heard).

IMO For your customers sake and some accountability you should a member, though I would like to see some more involvement from some nonprofit agency.

I wonder, what if someone made a complaint about the BBB to the BBB?

Would they check themselves out?

Would they give themselves an unblemished record?

Is the BBB a dues paying member of the BBB?


[quote=“ed the roofer”]I wonder, what if someone made a complaint about the BBB to the BBB?

Would they check themselves out?

Would they give themselves an unblemished record?

Is the BBB a dues paying member of the BBB?



good point Ed, I for one would like to make a complaint to the BBB about the BBB for the anoying phone calls they make to my office to say that “we are not calling about any complaint but to let you know about membership” LOL. Bugger off. A trade association is a far better way to waste money.

I personally do not like the way that they use exclamatory and even inflammatory looking font sizes to point out that “So And So” is NOT a member of the BBB.

Also, even though they DO have my company information, they make a statement that we have been requested to provide information to them and we have NOT complied.

Just because you do not pay their “Protection Racket Funds”, they inherently make you seem as if you are uncooperative, which casts a negative implication about the type of company you are.

Actually, I think I am going to try that.



Ed, I will try that also. We recently had our first very first report to them. THe most annoying thing of all, it was the father in laws new GF who never even told us anything was wrong. Then she complains 10 months later instead of telling me when I see her ALL the time. It really is annoying because we did a soffit/fascia job next door to her and I was over there yesterday talkin to the lady about her roof and she runs over and says NO NO NO NO dont use them, they are horrible and blah blah blah blah. Remember, thats my wifes future mother in law.

Anyways she said when are you going to come fix my stuff. I told her that since its now with the BBB you may have to wait until August until it all goes through but then I found out from the neighbor lady that she had someone else work on her house so I may be free and clear. I dont know.

Is there a website for contractors to complain about customers who constantly whine and never pay or pay extrememly late or call you back for a million reasons?? Whats the address to that website? You know, the one where CONTRACTORS tell others to stay away from certain homeowners because they are bad to do business with?

I think that is a great idea and we should start a website
And to any homeowners reading this: if you hired a decent roofer please call him with problems because you will get a much faster response than calling anyone else. Seems like common sense to me.