There are at least 4 such websites that I know of for contractors to log complains about customers, but Get Real.

One customer hires someone maybe once every 3-5 years for something.

But, contractors do at lest 100 jobs and up per year.

Which has the greater potential of getting a bad review and which contractor would even think of using a site like that.

How many contractors proceed with a job, even though all or some of the red flags surface, yet they need the work and figure things will work out in the end?

It wouldn’t help.

Here is several such sites. See how inactive they are. … ard=1362.0


Well thanks for pointing that out Ed. I do see how pointless it is. Im frustrated that it is only a one way street and nothing is monitored. Its annoying.

I used to have links for about 3 more sites too, but I have so many links, I could not find them right away, but the same story, not much action.


[quote=“ed the roofer”]I personally do not like the way that they use exclamatory and even inflammatory looking font sizes to point out that “So And So” is NOT a member of the BBB.

Also, even though they DO have my company information, they make a statement that we have been requested to provide information to them and we have NOT complied.

Just because you do not pay their “Protection Racket Funds”, they inherently make you seem as if you are uncooperative, which casts a negative implication about the type of company you are.

Actually, I think I am going to try that.




This is exactly why we just pay their fee and be a member of their organization. Although like a previously stated they need to be held accountable as well.

I feel that the wording they use for someone who freely chooses to not become a dues paying member is nothing but extortion and possibly should be legally examined.

There are much more adequate words to use to point out that someone chose not to pay their extortion fees.

Now look who is talking about choices of words. LOL.


I know what you all mean,especially about Ohio’s BBB. I prefer to think of it as Business Bashing Bureau, LOL. Of all the thousands of roofs we have completed, we have about 10 that are scamming homeowners. You know the ones, they want their job done for little to nothing , then kick you off when it’s nearly done and refuse payment. Or they want you to do something not even in the contract for free, and tell the BBB you didn’t do it. We always joke here that a homeowner can go into the BBB and tell them they want their roofers to groom their dog, and the BBB will request it be done. They’re a joke.

However, we have had several customers write in compliments about us that have never been seen on our page. I wonder… if all of us contractors who are tired of being taken, especially in Ohio, were to write the BBB and request a section specifically for compliments, or even sign a petition to make sure that a company who can publish complaints on businesses must also publish compliments, what would happen?

I may not be the richest person on the planet, or drive brand new Bentley’s, and yeah, my job sends me home every day filthy, and I didn’t have to go to college to get here…
But I AM…honest, hard working, prideful, intelligent, outgoing, and I know that at the end of the day , my fingers may be sore, but I am raising my family on an honest day’s work. I am a firm believer that when you work hard for your money, you have more appreciation for what you have.
And I’m tired of letting one out of 1000 customers ruin my company’s reputation. I think it’s time that consumers investigating profiles on the BBB website get to see some of the positive aspects too. I’m writing the BBB right now. :!:

Isn’t it true that the BBB will have a record of a complaint if you are not a member…At least I believe that, I had a H.O. tell me that they checked them out for me and found no complaints…I had no idea…

Waste of money,

I know a Roofer first hand that is Accredited with a ( B ) and the reason why is he refused to replace 4 tires on one car

In a Apartment Complex where there were 800 sq. installed and only one residents complained had one nail in each of the 4 tires! Really? Did he park in the dumpster?

The complaint does not say specifics and I won’t loose any jobs for a “B” when my work speaks for itself.

HO should be informed that those “Accredited” are just in there advertising.

The BBB does help us/me in our presantation to the home owner.

But the BBB is a sham,and the American consumer is mentally conditioned (brain washed) to belive that the BBB hung the moon.

So in the end,$440.00 spent a year for membership that will help close more deals pending on BBB affiliation is money well spent.

It helped me close a 65 square deal tonight.

I’m starting to think that Angie’s list means more to some homeowners than BBB. I remember a BBB salesman telling me that he had inquiries from potential customers about us, and he was giving me a heads up because he thought that by our being members, we had a better chance of getting the job. But I had until 5:00, before he HAD to get back to them about us.

Something I read previously in a post in this thread about using your membership for all it’s worth…cards, signs, etc…Maybe it’s changed, but a while ago, I was told that the only BBB logo useage was the foil printed oval decals that THEY provided for your windows,
and that any other reproduction of their logo or actual
mention of their name specifically was a violation of your agreement. I’ll look into it.

Businesses that are “accreditedâ€Â