Becoming united as Pro's

Well in the last few months i have noticed everyone is all for one. Every one is intitled to opinion. WHat am im proposing is that for all Pro and regular posters like GRFL, Aaron B. Gtape and Dennis to comunicate regularly to help each other not just ont he website but in work it self without using the site to clog the wheels of time. May it be tips on installs or tips on selling. QRFL and I have been speaking regularly the last couple of weeks working on his salesmanship. Q has his installs down pat just the sales are his weakness and well we all have one. I hope i have helped Q with his selling. But I was proposing to well link as a few in a yahoo chat room monthly to exchange idea’s and or tips upon your subject. This is just an idea nothing more. If you are a regular posting everyday not just when ever please leave your poll answer and reasons yes/no. Thank you in advance just trying to make this a complete helping enviroment for all. Sorry might have misspelled words, math is my subject as you all know if know me. BTW this was QRFL’s idea i just posted. Please if interested email QRFL or ME for any questions and or concerns with this idea. Thanks and have a pleasant day! Kpasa to yea and i know its spelled wrong.

pride i can deal with the kpasa but what’s up with the shark!!!

oh yea guys is cool to chat specially that ive seen sys posts get a lot of replies :wink:

homeowners here wont know what the hack is going on, my opinion also

That sounds like a good idea there Pride. I’m sure that would benefit lots of people on both sides of the buisness. if I wasn’t a storm chaser I might be interested. :wink:

I am all for it, BUT…

as we speak, I am planning to rid myself of all my employees and go it alone. Being one of the last roofing companies in the area that still pays WC, Liability, SS, vacation pay, mileage, etc for my guys, our roofing has tanked. We will get calls for estimates, we go out and sell ourselves and in the end, no matter what 100% of the time, the customer goes with someone else…the low bidder. It is so bad that word has got out that we are still a legit real roofing company and people are calling us to get a bid and then taking the bid and our specs and using it as a tool to get everybody else lower.
We also do all other phases of construction, but my guys aren’t as experienced in carpentry or other trades, so again, we have to charge more to get our price, and we lose out again. Unfortunatly if and when we get these jobs, I have to be there all the time to show the guys what to do. When I do this, all of my other job descriptions get behind. So in the next couple of weeks, I am going it alone, I will sub out some of the bigger stuff and do the rest myself.

 Michigan is a tough state to do business in right now. Every other residential roofing company around is down to subbing out all their work, or down to one crew of 2-3 guys. It is impossible in this area to be a profitable business. so I must change with the times.

Yes, it sounds bad, but I have alot to fall back on and actually it will be better for me.
I have the roofing and construction company, I also own a commercial roofing service company that does out of warranty repairs, and I also have G-Tape Inc. which is picking up steam pretty good. So no matter what I do, I will always stay busy.

So I would be happy to help out any way that I can. And I am sure I can be of some help and you help me.

My credentials:
10 years foreman at a commercial roofing company. fastest person ever to make certified foreman. We laid Carlisle and Firestone, A,B,MF systems. All of my roofs were perfect 10s without any reinspections.
12 years owner of a residential construction and roofing company.

   5 years roofing service repair work, I know just about every roof material and system that is out of warranty and what the problems are and what to look out for. I also know what is happening to the new products out there, which are failing prematurely and why. Also what is needed to fix the problems out there.

And G-Tape…what can I say about that?

I am a licensed builder and I know just about all the phases and the schedules of all the trades on site, when, why and where each trade is to work. I am up on most codes in the residential market .
So if I can be of some help, I am in. I know you will be able to help me.

no biggy G , loner here too check out my website , bummer had to let go of the guys , but you sound you are armed to the teeth i am sure you will be fine, maybe swing by san diego and test the waters , lol , dont worry ill do the spanish speaking for you.
you know a 40 employee co. i use to worked for went bankrupt 500+ k in payables, well this one merged with another i use to work for also with only 10 employees, they change name merged and now they are doing good for now they got 50 employees and very knoledgeable guys.

hey if i can help dont think twice about calling or im or e-mail or whatever,
good luck man godblesss :wink:

Well G sorry to hear bout the probelms. Since im on the other side of the state i do feel a large difference in moneys from last year. I did change my lingo around a bit and it helped out. As far as being legit its the only way to be. What i did is looked of all info i could find insurance fakes/licence fakes and so on BBB reports. Making sure im the last guy in there now i have something to work with does not always work but think about it this way. Why beat you head in the wall when you can educate customers on there choice. Once you inform people of the ins and outs of the business i have had many come around at my price. Break it down to the ridiculious. how much per square/labor overhead and make it shown where the true savings are. I know that it is bad but if you prove with in a reasonable doubt something is inncorrect with another company with fact it is not slander. THey have no insurance they dont have a leg to stand on. No licence. Individuals and companies performing residential construction, or a combination residential/commercial construction totaling $600, or more in materials and labor must be licensed as either a residential builder or a maintenance and alteration contractor. Hence the do not pay clause. ANy money down, Well a legal company in good standing would never ask for a dime down unless a special ordered shingle or siding. So help me understand why this might be a better way to go. You have to go out there with the ok im gonna give it all i have with my Ballz on my shoulder(no offence) and know if i lost the job i gave them the best service i could. The cheap ones you dont want anyway nothing but a problem. And if you lose the job for whatever reason, use there guilt against them. I have done that and did not do there roof but there family members and friends.

Q SD is nice place to roof but i didnt like living there. I roofed the Point Loma new PX bldgs in 2003. One is a blended clay s tile roof and the other is blended two piece clay. As far as the idea that Q and Pride have it sounds like a good one that is why I was stayin off of this site was because of the “difference of opinion”. I see everyone seems to be getting along and some very solid advice being given. If you would like my help i would be willing to contribute.

I can compile pages of help for the customer on webpages. Can include pictures, videos, links etc. For those commonly asked questions. yahoo hosts free webspace at Geocities it could all be posted there. I can also get it listed on search engines. Maybe put a page for each of the folks whom help out, with your idea Pride.
Other than that I see by what I read on these boards that you all have far more experience with roofing than I do I could only learn from you. I know a few lil tricks though 8)

here is the link to get yahoo messenger: … dJpzFwMMIF

if you wanna chat with other roofers here you just share the screen name and thats it, if not you can still use it for your own personal use, also i havent read it completely but it sounds you can use it to make pc to pc calls free.

dosent sound bad if you ask me :wink:

i have used it to chat with pride and sys allready.

i got an aunt in texas im trying to use this to stay in touch for free too!!

There is a free program called Skype, which I useto make free calls to my friend in NZ who also has the program.

I have yahoo messenger, msn messenger, and of course, windows messenger. I like to chat while my son is napping.

Well as far as opinons every one has them. I would think if we get together everyone will be on the same page and maybe learn something from each other. Now with that i by no means know everything. WHat i am saying is we can work as a team rather than against when we know the sam e info. It will make it better for the whole site not just us as a group.

Yeah Pride, its not like any of us are competitors or anything.

I am also in a small group of roofing company owners from all the ends of the country, All of them have skills that each of us could learn from. It is nice that we can share our info and what has worked and what hasn’t.

I am loking forward to it. Get it going.

Well get messanger and i will sned emails to each so far that are interested and well lets try this for next sunday so everyone has time to be on.

With Skype you can talk to three other people at a time in real time.

Talked with SYS and she is makin a site we can all chat at once. Just thought i would give credit where it is due. BTW is this QRFL’s idea.

It was my idea to get aaron to make hats and shirts for all of us and send them to us, so we can wear them while talking to each other.

OK but we make our own hats, and they are all red felt with a feather that you cannot remove. Our shirts are deerhide vests. If you want to sit around in these, I will have the elves get started.

i think someone has been around roofing fumes too long… :smiley:

ok quit sniffing the solar seal it will be ok no matter how bad it is.

Pride tell them how comfortable you deerhide vest is.