Beginner Roof Salesmen

What is your best suggestions/advice for two recent college graduates wanting to help expand a roofing company by building a sales team.

The roofing company we want to help has solely relied on references since it began 9 years ago, so it absolutely has a great reputation in the immediate area. However, the owner really wants to switch from dealing mainly with cash deals, gutter work, and small repairs, and instead focus more with insurance claims.

We have been learning about roofing for a couple of months now, but learning about insurance claims has been a little slow for us. Which is why we wanted to seek advice on how to do insurance work.

  • How exactly does the payment process work? Do insurance companies pay the HO and then the HO pays us? Or is it our responsibility to work directly with the insurance company?

  • What are some general guidelines that a salesman looking for insurance claims should have that differs from a regular door-to-door roof salesman?

We have some other questions, but I believe those two have been our main concern at the moment. Any and all suggestions/advice would be greatly appreciated!

We are from Texas, so we understand there might be some differences in laws, but even a basic breakdown would be helpful.

Again, thank you in advance!

I would suggest you do your do diligence with direct contact to various insurance companies. I’m sure you will get some good info from our insurance savvy posters, but direct contact with insurance companies might get you started with companies that want to work with you.

Hello, thank you for replying! Have you personally done any insurance work? And I was under the impression that insurance companies are not too fond of working so closely with roofing companies, but again I am just beginning.