Belated thanks!

I wish to express my heartfelt thanks to this forum and to those who patiently answered my questions.

Reading books on the subject and watching youtube videos was helpful but nothing beats direct advice from experts who do this every day.

Stuff I learned:

This is hard work! It doesn’t help that I’m over 60 but I would have found this to be hard work at half that age.

Having at least one helper would have made this a much more efficient project, especially for such a novice.

I was amazed at how they cut corners when installing this roof originally. I’ll bet you guys see that all the time.

Old I/W is really hard to remove.

Roofing is very hard work.

For just a few minutes each day when the sun is just above the ridge line and shining down-slope, the I/W horizontal seam is visible even through architectural shingles. Who would have thought?

The fascia of an attached garage that slopes ever so slightly toward the sidewall of the house is not a good thing.

Plan ahead: I wish I would have installed gutter apron instead of plain old drip edge.

Did I mention that this is hard work?

I could go on but I won’t.

An observation: No one ever came out to make a physical inspection, even after two reminders that I was ready for final inspection. He asked me a few questions and had me email the progress photos. Evidently I gave the right answers and provided satisfactory pics.

Again, thanks!

…and now, it’s off to find a discussion forum for siding and windows!


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