Best caulk/sealant for asphalt felt patch

I have a hole in the asphalt felt building paper under stucco that I need to reinforce with an asphalt felt patch before restuccoing. On the top, the patch could be inserted under a run of existing asphalt paper. On the sides, there are no existing paper ends to insert the patch under.

My idea is to staple the sides of the patch to studs and,hopefully, find a sealant for the sides which will adhere them to the existing asphalt felt. Can someone recommend a
long-term, waterproof sealant that will do this?

Also, for smaller punctures in the asphalt building paper (nail holes and small tears), what sealants may be preferred or are to be avoided?

All experienced suggestions and thoughts are appreciated.

Geocel tripolymer construction sealant is good and also NP-1.


Thanks for responding to my need. I appreciate it.

I see HD carries this NP-1 in varying colors which probably don’t have a thing to do
with performance unless you tell me so. I had inserted a URL to show you what Home
Depot had but just got a notice to pull it from the site. Oh well.

Anyway, the big box carries:
Sonneborn NP1 10.1 oz. Gun-Grade Polyurethane Sealant

Unless I hear there is a specific subspecies for roofing/asphalt paper, the above is what
I’ll look for.

Geocel lists a couple of dealers near me whom I’ll call tomorrow.

Again, your help is valued.