Best cement(brand) to seal asphalt shingles to copper valley

I promise as soon as I learn everything there is to know about roofing I will stop asking questions. :mrgreen:

Two questions please. :?

  1. What is the best cement for sealing asphalt shingles to copper valley metal in open valley?

Certainteed suggests SBS, SBR, or rubber based caulk.

  1. What is best for brick chimney and copper flashing?

Certainteed suggests urethane.

I have deep respect of the opinions of you all who actually do this for a living so here I am.

Is NP1 good? (oops, that makes three questions)

Thanks in advance, as usual.

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Yes NP1 is good. for reglets urethene caulk to match the mortor color is good advise. we lead wedge the copper counterflashing in the joint after its ground out then apply Tremco Dymonic in limestone color in most cases. I would not tar shingles to a copper vally at all. why not just strip in the edge with I&W shield strips and be done with it.some times if your worried about a little tab or somthing apply a half dollar size dab of bulldog caulking.

its ok to ask alot of questions.

you will find a good brand by asking your local
roofing supply house what is the most common can of cement you sell.

most of the time crappy cement doesnt sell very good.


What RooferJ said.

Unless you are able to mortar the masonry joints.

Thanks RooferJ, Gweedo, and Dennis for the responses.

My roofer as well does not use adhesive in the copper valleys.

I installed Grace I&W under the metal.

It is just confusing in that adhesive seems to be recommended in manuals (Certainteed, and I believe the NRCA), but not so much in practice.

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