Best flash between metal roof and polycarbonate panels

Hi guys,
Any suggestion on best way to do a flashing between a metal roof, and polycarbonate panel overhang.

Built garage, final step is angled polycarbonate patio cover, extending from the lower side of the current metal roof, sloping down over and past the edge of the deck (with about a 2-3 feet overhang). This is to grow citrus trees.

The current plan for the patio cover is LVL header beams across the top of the existing posts (then covering the LVLs and existing posts in combface, including combface overtop the deck vinyl that goes up bottom of the post). Then a ledger against the 2nd floor wall wall under the current metal roof eave. Then wood rafters from ledger to LVL header beams. Then 2x4 cross braces horizontally across the top of the rafters. Then finally overlapping polycarbonate sheets screwed into the top.

Question: Any suggestions on best ways to manage the transition from the metal roof to polycarbonate overhang to reduce leaks into building? (leaking onto the deck doesn’t matter since its outside). My best guess is flashing of some sort, similar to mental roof overhangs (last photo)? Anyone do something similar?

Where the construction is so far:

This is an example of a similar polycarbonate roof and structure:

Is this the way to go? Is there a better way?

Something along those lines would be the way to do it.

Be sure to use the same steel as the metal roof so that there isn’t galvanic corrosion.

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