Best ladder


My neighbor is in need of a new ladder as he needs to do a small roof repair! As he knows I recently did my roof, he asked me what type of ladder he should purchase. He said he has went to purchase a new ladder and was confused as they have so many brands and types! I told him I would ask on this site to see is their is an industry standard or a recommendation!

He said he likes the idea of the LITTLE GIANT ladder as he could use this for other projects as well!
Not sure if this is a good ladder or just a gimmick that is overpriced due to advertising! Seems like I see alot of people use WERNERS!

I figured you boys would know more than anybody about ladders!

Any thoughts!


For him the Little Giant would be good.

They are a good investment.

I have 6.

Yes Werners are great ladders and yes as Lefty said the Little Giants are awesome. The LGs are pricey though.

louisville ladders are the best ive ever seen.


I got werners. Its a fold up just like a little giant. Also a 24 footer. my dad has a little giant and he loves it aside from its weight is almost the same as his.

Thanks for the info!

I just went and checked out ladders on my lunch hour and man are the LITTLE GIANTS expensive! Home Depot had a GORILLA brand that was about 1/3 of the cost of the LITTLE GIANTS. The salesman said they are a good ladder just not made in the USA! Just wondering if the LITTLE G is worth the extra $. It seems as though you are paying top dollar for the LG’s to pay for all those late night infomercials!

See if the Gorillas or the other “foldable” ladders will do the bonus parts like scaffolding, two sided approach on an A frame style, etc.

Black tip Werners. little giant is for DIY and homeowners, not Roofers.

The little Giant is a great little ladder.
For extension ladders I always use wood with safety rungs up to 24’.
For longer than 24’ I like the fiberglass Werners or Green Bulls.