Best Method to Dispose of Shingles

Hey guys. I’m looking for the most efficient/economical way of disposing of shingles. Currently, I am using a dumpster company and am running up a bill of $10-12k per month. About half of that is dump fees, and the other half is income for the dumpster company. As far as pricing is concerned, I am okay with using the dumpster company but the service is awful. Constantly breaking driveways, backing into houses, running into gates, etc. I’ve tried several companies and they all seem to be equally bad. Several years ago I bought a dump trailer and a truck to take care of our own dumps and the hassle of keeping the tires from going flat and the additional overhead of having an extra man on payroll was not very cost effective so I sold the truck and trailer and went back to dumpsters. Now I’m back to where I feel like I can no longer use dumpsters due to the fact that they are causing so many issues. I’ve seen now where they have a “u-dump” trailer and you buy the dumping trailer and you can buy as many dumpsters as you want and you essentially have your own dumpster service but I would still have to buy a truck and have someone running the dumpsters around town. Does anyone have a method they have tried that seems to work well for them? To help you understand our workload, In the busy months we’re doing 5-7 roofs a week and in the slower months were doing 3-4 roofs a week. I look forward to hearing from you guys.

Just for could use a dump trailer for smaller jobs and just have a guy on the crew go dump it.and use the dumpster company’s less of the time but have your crew there when the dumpster arives so the can lay down planking order to protect your clients home/drive way.etc.

Rao is right.
I use a dump trailer and pay roughly 30 bucks to dump 40 squares