Best roofing material choice for a hog valley?

I need to replace my aged composition shingle roof with a new composition shingle roof. I plan to use CertainTeed LandMark Premium composition shingles with 30lb/36â€Â

a hog valley already has a diamond built in. A dead valley is pitchless. Any of the above would work, but I would definitely like to see same mfr products used.

yeah you want to slope the dead valley,
but it looks like you have a couple of skylights or
somethin bout midway which will be in the way.
you want some distance between you skylights and
hog valley.


I have been using polyurea product for the long time. It’s industrial product formulations offer solutions for abrasion resistance, water proof coatings, blast resistance, hazardous materials containment energy, ballistic armor, chemical resistance, floor coatings, energy efficient insulation, structural reinforcement, corrosion resistance, fire retardant and thermal barrier coatings.

can u show me a pic of one done in foam?

The IB would be a lot better than the others because it comes with a lifetime warranty on residential. another cost effective and good way is to use EPDM rubber, its cheap, works well, and can a lot of times be done as seamless.

Spray foam insulation is a polyurethane foam that is pumped into your home so that your walls, ceilings, will be insulated well. This type of insulation will help you to keep the cold outside during winter and help keep the heat out during the summer months. After all no one wants to be too hot or too cold. At one point only trained professionals could do this.I have applied ultimate linings polyurethane systems for insulation.