Best roofing solution for this house in nova scotia


I’ve just bought this rental property in the cape breton region of nova scotia, canada

I will not have the opportunity to visit it for a while myself

The home inspection stated:

"The roof shingles are in fair only condition and shingle replacement will be necessary in the very near future. We find cupping on the high roof elevations and the roofing has been tarred over. We estimate major repairs or replacement within a one to three year period. "

I am not familiar with the ashphalt shingle roof construction methods and materials. Here in the uk theyre certainly not commonplace.

I want to have the roof replaced, and everything to be done the “right” way.

Can anyone offer any suggestions as to what the best shingles to use for this type of house might be? should I specify a brand and product I require to the roofing contractor when I find one? for your reference im including a couple of pics.


Alan Valentine