Best way to FIX this horrible NEW roof?

I have been a roofer for over 25 yrs.Residential shingles , mostly.Not real familiar w/metal.Have done a few.I was called to look at this roof they are suing for.Fix or redo ?

Take it off & start over. Hopefully you can save some of the materials. Thats that cheap 5v crimp screw thru barn roofing from Lowes. Panels, screws, & other accessories only cost $125 per sq. Charge them t & m or by the day & take your time. The only problems is that your in Ohio & they probably dont have the money. Especially if they paid the last clown allready.

Well , the said (when they contacted a lawyer,who called me) they had not paid him his last payment of about $4600 yet.Some can be saved and re-used.My first issue will be to get the bow out of it.That was the first thing I noticed when I first pulled in.Then , once I got up there…well , u see the pics.

That is a complete reroof IMO.Junk materials too.But the quality of materials has no bearing on the installation if they wanted this type.

IMO by the time you pull,cut,trim,replace and all the other types of repair techniques more panels could be damaged.

Was this home the contractor/roofers first metal job?,(Not that it matters)

How exactly are you involved in this situation? Was this your project?

Pretty sad to see.That much roof with lots of components and the only thing that I saw that looked good was the satellite dish mounts.

You won’t ‘fix’ that. At least the screws haven’t rusted to pieces. You can easily remove a section at a time to keep it waterproof while installing the new roof. Hopefully, you’ll get $100. of salvage from the panels you take off.

that has WTF all over it

I see a few areas with flaws. Any chance you could post more pics?


I doubt the bow will come out of it. Lots of old farm houses with that defect. The more I look at it, the more I think there are sleepers or some build-up over the other roof(s).


wow. that sux. what sux worse is the homeowner is only going to spend more money trying to sue. theres no protection for homeowners if they hire an unlicensed contractor. and my guess is that roofer is not. yeah you can sue in civil court but even if you win theres nothing that enforces payment from the losing party. i know its not part of your question, or problem, but i suggest suing the contractor for fraud. misrepresenting himself and his abilities. criminal charges usually get peoples attention. civil charges give them something to laugh at.

thats one of the worst jobs i think ive ever seen. and prob the worst roof choice for that house. im sure they didnt know better but damn…