Best way to patch a metal roof?


I’ve got a pretty serious leak in a section of roof where once there passed a chimney. Previous owner demolished the chimney and put a vent/cap there instead.

The cap is “flashed” with metal and passes over existing standing seams on either side. They bolted it down and looks like they’ve been adding tar and caulk for years, to no avail.

I’m thinking the best thing to do is unbolt this mess, clean it up nicely, and replace it with some galvanized metal.

What is a good adhesive/sealant to use? A combination of tar/patch and paintable silicone? Any tips on how best to make this work, as far as flashing techniques go?

Thank you!!


How close is this to the ridge/top of the roof?

Can you post a picture?

john , john, john , john ,john.
your probably goin to screw up a screw up, that some screw up did years ago.

no tar
not gobs of caulk,
no combinations.

sounds like you need to finish removing the chimney so that you can close hole in deck and then replace
the 2 roof panels

good luck.

it is not at all close to the ridge. it’s a cape-style house and the area in question is on the rather flat part of the roof at the back of the house, not the steep-pitched part.

chimney is long gone.

sure, Dennis. here are a few:

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DUMP A QT. OF geocell 2300 clear fibered sealant,after cleaning it well and letting it dry,brush it into all the cracks w/ a paintbrush-that`ll at least get ya the taillight warranty–beyond that call in a pro–i have someone if you need to replace the panels