Best way to screen open fascia vent

I have a 1948 cap cod and the roof is in pretty decent shape. I have a two inch open fascia vent that runs along the fascia board above the gutters and below the shingles. This is on both sides of the house. There is evidence that some critters have gotten into the attic via this open vent. Once I clear them out, what is the best way cover this open vent. It doesn’t look like a continuous drip edge vent is the way to go as I don’t know if there is enough material to cover the open vent. I am considering using a continuous soffit vent even though those are supposed to go underneath, or a stainless steel wire mesh (Kwickmesh). If I use the Kwickmesh what is the best way to put that on? I’d think I’d need to fasten it under the shingles and the along the fascia board. Would staples be adequate for this?

Any suggesting much appreciated.


post pics

Roof pictures can be found at:

Thanks for your help

what area of the country are you located? i havent seen anything like that in my area. there isnt even any drip edge. how can that not leak. esp. if you live in a cold climate. ice would back in.

I live in Olympia WA. We have plenty of rain, but so far it hasn’t leaked, nor do I see any signs of past leaking. The shingles hang down far enough over the gutter so maybe this is why no leaking. The roof is probably 10 years old, and looks to be in good shape. We rarely get snow, and when we do it melts in a day or so. We bought the house last October, and this was pointed out during the inspection. The main concern was that it was open venting and therefore things can get in. I have no idea if this is common here or not. I’m not originally from the area so this is weird to me as well.

this one might be better answered by one of the construction guys here.

Thanks for your help. I think at this point I’m going to make a few more phone calls. I’m going to call back our inspector to see how common this is around here. He was in construction for a while before he became an inspector. I’ll also call a couple roofing companies, and see what the pest control guy has to say. He is going to come on Wednesday.