Best way to seal a gutter seam

I have one seam in my gutter on a 60ft run, it has been caulked inside etc but still drips…is there a good way to seal it ?? I thought about using ice and water shield but thats probably not the best idea :slight_smile:

I usually clean the seam to bare metal with a wire brush in a cordless drill. Then seal it with a tri polymer sealant. If it’s steel you could solder it as well

edit: but don’t do both

I assume they are aluminum ?? They are .032 Alcoa

Gutter Seal:

we used blue skin peel/stick worked awesome…not on endcaps or drains tho…

60 feet is probably too long and the stresses caused by expansion and contraction will bust the best “sealed” joints. It would probably be best to split the run into two separate runs.

I did experience that type of problem on a building that we maintained. it was a much longer run and we could not stop it from opening up and leaking until we split it.

i bought the OSI and used it…seems like it will work, I sealed these seams about 10 yrs ago and they held with caulk, the OSI should do it, thanks
What is the "blue peel and stick " ??? … talogId=45