Best Way to Shingle This

I have this roof upcoming that I’d like ideas on the best way to install architectural shingles.

On the side pictured. The upper and side roofs are 4/12 pitch. It transitions into a 3/12.

It looks problematic. I don’t like architecturals on that pitch. Their current roof, when installed 20-odd years ago leaked in that area. The roofer redid it with extra ice guard and it hasn’t shown problems since. It aparantly builds up a lot of ice in the winter though. This is in NE Ohio.

The home owners are very against rolled roofing. They want shingles. I plan to use heavy duty ice guard and stainless nails in that area. Are there other precautions I can take? What about caulking the keyways. Would open valleys be better?

Standard straight forward roof needs no special attention.

Tear off the old roof and install the new roof.

What do you plan to do with the chimney?

You don’t see any potential problems with the 3/12 section? We don’t like to use architectural shingles belown a 4/12 pitch. We see a lot of issues with them leaking with snow and ice build up. This roof seems worse, with the two valleys and steeper pitch running into it. It’s almost like a bowl, catching everything.

The chimney is just wrapped in panels of faux brick. We can use standard flashing behind it.

If you are concerned about the 3:12 then ice dam it and shingle it, Myself I don’t think the 3:12 would cause me any concern.

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I would use grace ice and water shield in that area for sure. It costs twice what regular ice guard costs, but is worth it. Try a small piece first as once it sticks to something it is there.

We used it around windows on a waterfront house in 4" strips. Owner wanted the kitchen window raised 3/4". The grace delaminated the plywood when we removed it.

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Equally important or even more important is to use non-corrosive nails, electrogalvanized coil nails are not non-corrosive.

Hot dipped galvanized or better.


Full Ice & Water on anything under 4:12 is necessary in Ohio or it will leak.

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What’s different about Ohio as opposed to the rest of the country?

Ice Dams can be really bad since we have so many days right around freezing. Snow and Ice melt during the day and refreeze at night.

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