Best way to support roof planking overhanging at gable

My 1952 block house roof does not have outriggers, as shown in 1st pic. So nothing will hold my planking down during a hurricane. This is a weak point.

Im adding H10S hurricane straps at the eaves, a mechanically seamed HVHZ metal panel roof. Ive added rafter and collar ties and gable supports in the attic.

During the roof job, I will be adding screws to reinforce the planking where it attaches to the rafters.

I dont want to remove planking and add outriggers during the roof job for several reasons, so Im looking for another way to strengthen the gable overhangs. Not having to do it at the same time as the roof job would be good.

the only idea that i have come up with so far is using 2x4s attached to the edge of the fascia, and going below the soffet. This 2x4 attached to a vertical 2x4 and both held together with an angled 2x4. As shown.

Drawing notes. I have not shown fasteners that hold the three 2x4s together.I also did not show hidden lines. I have also shown a single fastener at each fasten point (3). However, I would likely use two side by side at each fasten point.

Additional note I would need the 2x4 under the soffet to be at the same angle as the roof (4/12)

Additional note. Im not sure which would be stronger A or B.

Drawings Not to scale.

Questions, ideas?

outrigger net pic:

my gable wall:

my gable wall corner:

my support idea:


Is that vinyl soffit and aluminum trim coil on fascia?

plastic soffet, alum fascia.

If the existing roof is coming off I would try to do the work at that time. I would carefully remove fascia metal and then remove soffit. That should expose the fly rafter. I would then install 2x4 look-out rafters 24in OC.
Toe nail to rafter and then fasten them to fascia board. I’d cut them a little long if there is any sagging on the overhang. That would force it up level.
Then simply re-install soffit and fascia metal.

maybe this galvanized finish

Lmaoo…:joy:. I guess it depends on what your going for…