Bid advice

I have a home owner that wants me to give him a price for a new roof. not a big one only 18 sq single layer but needs new plywood, the old ply is buckeled and rotted. it’s a single story house i priced every thing out with dumpter & material $2267.57. i was thinking 160 a sq for roofing =2880.00 and another 1200 for the plywood portion. am i to high, to low like i posted earlier i’m just getting back in it after ten years so i have no idea what other guys are charging out there now. i don’t want to low bid but also don’t want to scare any one away

Normally 160 does not really make any money. it costs for a proffesional company around 137 dollars a square if you have the proper insurances licence and all the other bells and whistles needed to do the job. This is also based on a crew of atleast 5 guys being able to do the job in a day day and a half.

Here is how i would bid this job: and im using round numbers here

Materials 1260
Labor 1300
dump 350
we have a total of 2910 times 1.4 the mark up so you MAKE money 4074 and thats 226 a sqaure and these are round numbers mind you.
50 a sheet for plywood that would be another 2700 for wood at 50 a sheet. grand total 6774 for 376 a square. And i can get these prices around 30 percent of the time.

You WILL NOT make any money at 160 a square. you said the materials and dump cost you 2200 and change. and you want to charge 2800 + 1200 for wood. See you want to charge 22 dollar s per piece of wood. that does not cover the time to get the wood the gas or the time to install it.

thank you gtp. that sounds better to me.when i was roofinf ten years ago my partner did all the bidding and sales i ran the crew so this bidding and sales is new to me thank you for your advice. i was going with 2800 + the 1200 on top of the material.with this first roof it will be just me doing all the work hopefully i can get my nephew for a day or 2 to lump and some clean up so i can do it in 3-5 days

i would be closer to gtp’s price maybe a little lower like 325-350 sq depending on cut up/ access to site etc. but i would be out in 1 day guaranteed.

1 day but how many on your crew? if i could get a hold of another roofer that knew what he was doing i could do it faster than the 3-5 but with just me thats not to bad i,m the ripper lumper, roofer. it won’t be bad i’m gonna leave the shingles right on the old ply rip & toss

actually thats exactly the way we would do it. i could get the job done in one day with sending a 4 man crew. as long as they worked as a team.

I can agree with that.

i think your ripping your self off. That is alot of work for a low amount of money. What id be thinking if another company priced it out would it be possible to do the job on a lower budget. Does the roof absolutely need all the things you said it needed. What id do is give them the ideal price in which the roof nedds to be at then give him a lower one that is based only on the absolute neccessities. Although when i do that the homeowner tends to go with only what is absolutly needed. Which in the end pays less. I guess it depends on the home and the homeowner. If it were anice house they would pay top shit but it sound like its not that nice of a house. I guesss trying to convince them that esthetics is absolute when it come to home value in which a nice roof would do wonders for the value. You get warrenty and esthetics and resale value.