Bid HIGHER Than Everyone Else and Still Get the Job!

I just got a big roofing rehab job on some townhomes at a major university!!! My bid was [size=150]$59,000[/size] higher than the next guy!

Anyone want to know how I did it? Want to make your bid the standard that others are measured against? Respond to this posting if you want to make more money in roofing than you thought possible! I am considering putting together my information so others can take advantage of my tricks of the trade.

Are you trying to sell something??? because it sure sounds like it.

What if I am?

I could care less but this is a site for helping others not selling your products if you didnt know. There are a few guys that might email you but have you noticed you have not gotten any where. Why dont you post on this site and make an effort maybe people would maybe listen to what you have to say. If you just want to sell what you think you know then have at it but you might find your posts removed from the webmaster.
This is a site to help other roofers (free of charge) and homeowners not for sale information that is easy to find on the internet. I am glad to hear of your latest sell but bragging makes you sound very fake. Where did you learn your skill? Monroe Porter?

No need to get insulting right? If you’re not interested in my info or what I have to say then don’t post replies to my post.

There is not an insult here at all. Im just pointing out this is for free of charge help to fellow roofers. Why dont you make meaningful posts unless you are not a roofer?

Again, your comments are useless and unwarranted. Go harass someone else.

its not useless you dont understand this is not a for sale post. This is for helping other roofers free of charge and helping home owners.

What university? I have never heard of any townhome complexes or condo units paying more than they have to do roofing work or any other work but if you want to tell us you secrets we are waiting. If you want to sell your secrets most of us are doing pretty well on our own but always looking to improve. Do you give group rates or discounts? Will you travel if we pay your accomodations. How many roofing days should we book off to meet with you. Can you send a copy of your workers comp and insurance so that we know you are a real company and not just a salesman. Look forward to hearing from you.

[quote=“Curtisroofing”]I just got a big roofing rehab job on some townhomes at a major university!!! My bid was [size=150]$59,000[/size] higher than the next guy!
Anyone want to know how I did it? .[/quote]

Here, I will beat you to it and the answer it here for all to see:

When bidding, please dont forget to include the following:

  • Kids tuition until age 35.
  • Full paid vacation for self, wife, kids and workers.
  • New lexus.
  • New Mercedes
  • New Truck - heck, the old truck will look out of place with new cars.
  • New kitchen for wify

I may have left out a few things, so throw another 10k as a buffer space.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! That was really funny. Isn’t almost true though. Even without luxuries life can be expensive.

In response to sanroof: It’s not really the bid my condo HOA’s are approving, but me. I sell them me along with the best work in town. I’m not bragging but stating that it’s not necessarily the bid you turn in but how you present yourself and your business. Every HOA I have come into I have bounced the current roofer right out of the complex so-to-speak with very little effort.

It’s all about how you tap into a person’s subconcious triggers. I know it may sound a little hocus-pocus but it is absolutley true!! I am not successful because I do business like everyone else. If any roofer is struggling one reason is because he’s doing what everyone else is doing or what his previous employer was doing. Condo and townhome HOA’s are a small niche with huge profit potential but it takes a certain amount of teachable skills to really knock em dead.

More if anyone wants it…

I’ll take any information that I can. I got alot of information that increased my selling already.

I am glad you got a laugh out of it! :smiley:

The sad but true thing is that HIGH BIDDERS actually think this way and I will bet ya that they didn’t see my posting as funny, but more like “and what is wrong with that”?

Amazing but true.

JOe you have no clue what others think. 90% of high bidders pay there employees more and give them benifits, aposed to 10 bucks and hour cash. + overhead, why must we go over this every time.

Because HIGH BIDDERS will use any excuse to justify their bids.

I have done plenty of business with Legit, honest contractors who pay decent wages and get the job done well with lots of repeat business.

Those good contractors that I am talking about are few in number. They don’t ever have to advertise since business automatically comes their way by word of mouth and the consumer (me) do NOT have to pay EXTRA money (high bid) for their incompetence.

A HIGH BID is just that - You think you deserve the brand new Plasma TV more than I. I happen to disagree with you and I think that new TV will look better in my house. The wonderful thing here is that I get to decide who the TV goes to. :smiley:

Is this JOE123 dude even interested in giving advice or speaking his opinion. All I hear him doing is arguing about a topic he has no clue on on every forum he speaks(trying to bash so called high bidders). Talking with him is like trying to negiotate w/ a terrorist or an idiot, you just can’t PERIOD. As far as are prices we better figure in the cost for tuition so our kids don’t end up like him, and figure in the price for a new boat maybe we can seclude ourselves from people like him. Sorry I just can’t stand to hear someone ramble, ramble,ramble about a topic that he is clueless on. Not to mention he doesn’t give any roofing or business advice(expect LOW BID EVERYTHING) so we can be as poor as the guy who doesn’t have insurance, no workerscomp, cheats his employees and his customers, works out of the back of his truck. Yeah that sounds like alot of self pride. As for advertising every good roofer gets referrals the more we advertise the more customers we satsify, which means more referrals, which means we hire more good roofers, and we can pay them more money(do you have problem with that to Joe) or is an employee that makes $20.+ per hour getting paid to much(his kids need educated to), maybe you don’t make that much and your p*****off and jealsous.

Frank all he does is complain about high bidding when he knows nothing about roofing or what it takes to do a job or costs. SO basically he just spouts off for no reason other than to get a rile out of us. Just ignore him. He is like a fly that wont go away.

Lots of HIGH BIDDERS here. :twisted:

I have a bumber sticker on my Truck that reads “I enjoy giving HIGH BIDDERS a bad time”

I must confess that I do love doing this :smiley:

Nothing like starting a home project and getting lots and lots of bids and talking with the High Bidders.

As a side note, I just started a new project on my house, new retro-fit windows. This project is simpler to demonstate and point out the HIGH BIDDERS. Let me explain.

I am doing the work myself. So I am requesting quotes for the windows only (no installation). The windows come directly from the manufacture, but I have to buy them from dealers.

I have received around 30 bids :smiley: so far. 5 of those are around 5k and the rest are all over the place closer to 10-13k.

Now, here is the funny part. The dealers are doing nothing but getting my list of window sizes, pricing them, and sending me back a quote. They will never see the windows as they come directly from the manufacture directly to my house. That is all these dealers are doing as far as “work”.

To see a $6,000.00 price difference between Mr. HIGH BIDDER and Mr. normal for doing what, 30 minutes of work is in my opinion idiotic, or a better name, a HIGH BIDDER.

joe 123 what is an high bidder! and how do you know?