Bidding a metal Job

Hello everyone I need some input on bidding a metal job do i need to bid it by the foot or by the square? first time bidding on metal I mainly deal with shingles. it will be standard corrugated metal not standing seam.I thank everyone for their input

By the foot is what I do for that stuff.

what is a ball park figure for a walkable roof by the foot or by the square?

Remember that when bidding metal, there are a lot of flashing pieces involved.

Those flashings CAN make your price change dramatically, depending on the configuration of your roof.

Be cautious, measure 2, 3, 4 times. Don’t rely on just a “ballpark” per sq ft price.

awful lot of variables for such a simple question…
aluminum/ steel/ galvalume,
standing seam
hidden clips, vs nail thru
edge metal specifics, etc.
5v crimp w/ exposed rubber gasketed screws?..
skylights, pipe flanges, etcetcetec

galvalium 29guage 36’’ panels screw showing