Bidding re roofing projects

When figuring prices for tear offs and re roofing, do you usually include replacing step flashing (along walls) and removing siding if needed as part of the bid or is it an “extra”? What about chimney flashing.?

If it needs it, yes. If not, no. I would always put something in for chimney flashing because the vast majority are not done correctly and will at least need some work.

Everything is to be replaced and is included in the bid.

Drip edge, felt paper, step flashing, all roof penetration flashings, head wall flashing, shingles, trim shingles, etc.

Of course, there are exceptions in the realm of copper cupolas, louvered roof tops vents and other “permanent” items of high value and significance; however, we have replaced those items, as well.

I’ve never seen a valid argument to leave some 15-20 year old and easily replacable item and then rely on it to work. Those items always seemed to fail and cause damage to your customer’s house, your reputation and ultimately your own bottom line.

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I agree with keepitlow to a point. Sometimes it is relatively easy to to replace step flashing. More often, it is not. If the step flashing was installed correctly to begin with and is not displaced or damaged in the demolition, I think you are most often better off leaving it than trying to replace it. In order to do it right, often you’ll have to remove whatever is covering the walls. If that happens to be wood, more often than not the bottom few inches have become water logged and delaminate or rot. You start messing around and suddenly it starts chipping away. Now the Homeowner is upset and you are replacing siding at your cost. No good deed goes unpunished. The roof penetrations definitely need to be replaced. Bottom line, your job is to build that roof so it won’t leak for the life of the shingles. Price it so that you’re able to do that.


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