Bitumen roofing

Hi i’m wondering if anyone can help. Myself and my partner went to view a victorian house today with a view to putting in an offer however there is something we’re not very sure about.

The whole pitched roof has been covered in Bitumen. Is this something that should be/could be done? I was under the impression that it was only meant for use on flat roofs?

Does anyone know what effect this is likely to have on the roof and how long it lasts…

Any help would be really appreciated as we haven’t really got a clue!

If theyre covering a steep slope roof with a tar-like substance, then caveat emptor (or something like that). They are covering up problems, and roofing on a Victorian is big bucks. Most are three stories up, very steep, and very cut-up. Very labor intensive.

You might consider paying a professionally licensed and insured roofing contractor to perform an inspection and possibly provide a written estimate or proposal for work.

This could help you in your real estate negotiations.

Sounds like you are looking at a house in the Baltimore area. :smiley: Seriously, I’ve seen a lot of Baltimore roofers use hot asphalt to coat leak areas in shingle roofs, and it is not something that I would ever recommend.

What type of roof is on the Victorian house you are looking at? Does it have shingles, shake, slate, etc? Aaron makes a good point about getting an estimate for repairs/replacement, and then using that price as a bargaining chip in negotiating a sale price on the house. I would also recommend that you go into the attic and visually inspect the structure for water damage, etc.

And dont be afraid to pay for the inspection, report, and the proposal will be free a lot of times.

This is how I do it for real estate buyers. Works out well every time.

if you have a torch applied modified bitumen roof ( a flat roof product), on a slope,
thats great.
it will last twice as long.



The effect is one ugly house.