Black Diamond peel n stick

I will be getting a new roof installed next week (Owens Corning Duration 30 year). It is now code in Florida high wind zones that a waterproof barrier be applied to all reroofs. My roofing contractor is going to use “Black Diamond” peel n stick which I think is made by certainteed. Is this a good peel n stick? Thanks for your help and input.

Certainteed makes a good shingle, never used their “Black Diamond” though…usually use grace. Code to cover the whole house with a waterproof underlayment?

There are two options in high wind areas… Either tape all of the joints of the deck with 4 inch tape or cover the whole roof with peel n stick. Most good roofers advice the peel n stick for the whole roof so that if your shingles blow off, it does not flood your house or warp the plywood. I want to make sure that I am getting a quality product. The law also makes the roofers renail the whole roof to the truss with 8D nails. Here the law:

Option B says the entire roof deck with I/W shield, but option C says you can go with 30lb same as always, so…u don’t HAVE to go with peel an’ stik, or am I missing something?

My understanding is you must read the Miami-Dade code which actually require the 30# with the peel and stick on top of that… All of the roofers up here (Brevard county) think that Miami Dade is out of their mind. Essentually for Brevard its options a or b, and option c is for miami-dade, where their county has additional laws… I am no expert however.

Are there any brands of peel n stick that you roofers like to use? Is peel n stick used for the whole roof in other parts of the country? (Its a Hip roof 6/12)

Flordia is the only place that its code that I know of.

what county are you in? That code change took effect oct 1, 07. Said code was modified last month to allow the #30 felt fastned with the miami dade nailing pattern, here in sarasota at least.

I have used black diamiond before, didn’t have any problems.

We are located up in brevard county. Is the Black diamond peel n stick a high end peel and stick or cheap? How does it compare to Titanium PSU-30 or the owens corning peel n stick? Thanks for your help.

A lot of us have a concern in two areas:

  1. Full peel & stick can retain a lot of moisture in the attic space. Felt @ least gives ‘some’ breathability. I’m a fan of the roof deck products that @ least allow something akin to a Gore-Tex one way vapor movement.

  2. Peel & stick (typically) should go on the roof deck & under the felt. It’s there to protect the wood, not the felt.

Personally, I don’t have any experience with the CertainTeed Black Diaomond (nor have I ever skied on it).

use it all the time.
works just fine.
i like to nail it off with cap nails also.
makes a good temp roof also.

go noles? do we live nere tallahassee perhaps?


Glad to hear that you use the black diamond… How long would it last if it were exposed to the sun? ie after a hurricane? I do not live near Tallahassee, rather melbourne, but graduated from FSU. Thanks for your help… Tomorrow should be the first day for roofing work… hopefully I got a good roofer!


dont know how long it last in the sun, cause i cover it up with a roof in a few days.


good luck.

Black diamond is a great product.
I would use it exclusivly if i didnt have
Atlas weathermaster. The grip for the roofer is great
It also is easier to reset the roll if you didnt get it straight. Some products are impossible to reset.
All that and it just so happens to be less expensive than other products.

I use certainteeds “black diamond” exclusively for one thing.
They are the ONLY peal-n-seal product that you can torch upon. I use it on lowslope applications that i can’t or won’t apply fasteners to.

Or to save time. On a commercial roof that has insulation and metal decking.It takes time to screw all that insulation down. In a rainy climate i would rather not have to take the time to screw down all that basesheet.
I can apply it quite quickly.
Now i know my roof is completely water tight untill i get my “torch down” on.
Hands down it is much better underlayment than your standard basesheet.

If screwing the basesheet underlayment is an option and money is tight on the building owner and there’s a little pitch (but i’m worried about rain)
I use organic basesheet underlayment. It does have waterproofing qualitys about it.
Glass base underlayment has almost zero waterproofing abilitys and i will use that if there is no chance of rain.

who is this roof-lover,
of florida roofing practices,
all knowing he is.

impressive indeed.