Bostich SB-150, anyone use one ? and a question

How many button do I need to have to put down felt on a 20 sq roof ??
Alos, how many nails to I need for the shingles, will be using a Bostitch 46 coil nailer ??
I am having a hard time finding the buttons for the SB-150.

This is a great forum, lots of help here.
The old roofer puting down my roof has been using a Tom-a-hawk for years, so I got the nailers to help him.

BJ in Okla.

I just picked up a couple of those along with a cap nailer. Haven’t used the cap staplers yet, but as far as he nailer goes, it’s incredible. I can only imagine the same for the staplers.


As for your question regarding capping underlayment, that depends. If you’re going right over it with shingles, you just need enough caps to hold the underlayment in place while you work your way up the roof with the shingles.

If being left over night? Every 6"-8" at the seams and at roughly every 12"-16" in the field.

Matter of fact, if you’re shingling over your work as you work, you don’t even need a cap stapler/nailer…a hammer tacker is fine (stapler) since you’re going to go right over it right away.

Nails for the shingles? Depending on where you live anywhere from 4 minimum to 6.

Here’s a trick; the shingles come with instructions on the package. :wink:

2 G,
What I meant was, how many nails for the whole roof of 20SQ’s,6 nail pre shingle…will a box of 7200 be enough ?
I am having troubl finding cap’s for and staple’s local…
BJ in central Oklahoma.

With 6 nails per shingle you will get about 15-16 sq per box.
You need 2 boxes @ 7,200 count.


Sorry! :?

What Axiom said.


I was in HF the other day and they had 1 1/4" roofing nails for 21.00 a box. The place that works on my nail guns has them for $39.00 a box, they are XL, don’t remember the name at HF. I was in Home Depot today and they did not have any Bostitch nails, but the other brand that had was about $39.00 a box.
Sometimes you don’t get what you pay for, when its cheap…

Thanks for your good help.

I would go with the Bostitch Nails whenever possible.

Even at twice the cost, that extra $20. or so I save on not having to unjam my guns.

Every nail jam you get from using inferior nails costs you a good 12 shingles that you haven’t laid down (at at least $1. profit per shingle, that’s $12. for you having to figit with a gun for 3 minutes).

If you get 2 more jams from the cheapies, then you just blew the reason to buy them in the first place…and the cheapies will jam a lot more than the Bostitchs.

I will keep looking for the Bostitch nails.
Thats kinda what I thought.Same with faucets, good and bad or cheap ones…
I have a lot of years in as a plumber, have been on a lot of roofs, sometimes I did not get there before the roofer and had to cut in my vents and flashings…I all ways did my cut ins early in the morning so as not to mess up the shingles.

Good man to think like that (on the care for the shingles).