Botched Sunroom 2

Advice needed on this whole deal.

Company comes out gives price for: 32 LF, 2 walls (7’ and 7-11’ pitch) 3 double hung windows, full view door, 4 roof panels, int ceiling fan, ext halogen flood light. $19,000. Removal of old screen porch ceiling panels (2’ x 3’ office panelling) and framing.

Slab poored to raise floor to be continous with rest of house.

Now the slab wasnt poored at the right pitch and after they had removed all the original porch panels massive rain storm that ran down the slab pitched down to the double sliders (which were closed) and flooded the interior of the house. Damage assesment: water damage to **aquarium stand $75 **that supports a 220 Gal. $25,000 Reef Aquarium, childrens couch $180, **area rug ** $100. And last but not least the entire 18 x 15 living room carpet, in which they took a 3 x 18 carpet sample to replace it from. Now the carpet is a soft back SHAW patterned carpet valued at 5 - 6.50sq ft depending on who you get quotes from.

The company said they could credit us $315 to replace the living room carpet. I then asked where they could get it that cheap and after pulling teeth and I got the carpet place. Visited the place and found the exact match carpet (wholesale prices) and they quoted me $850. I asked if companies get any other discounts that would bring the cost of said carpet down to $315 and he said no way someone is lying to you.

In reviewing the blueprints for this friend I asked them if they had changed their mind regarding where they wanted the door that was placed because it is installed on the wrong side of the wall from which the blueprint shows. They didnt. So now the door is another mistake.

The sunroom still leaks water under the walls during rainstorms and they have been out numerous times assuring each time they come out the leak is fixed, but never is and they say they have a year warranty so not to worry. (but if they cant fix things whats the point?)

In Conclusion, there is a $1391 balance that the homeowner was in the process of writing a check for when I stopped her and advised her to wait a bit until we do some research here.

So what would you all do in this situation?