Botched Sunroom

1.) When you are installing a sunroom is it correct to connect the sunroom roof to the exterior wall of the house and box in the soffit so that approx. 25’ of soffit under the overhang is rendered useless with no air flow able to pass thru?

its fine if he finds another source of an intake vent.

find? no its just covered up with no intake within that 25’ span.

let me rephrase, if he “creates” another source for an intake. Vented drip edge, which I’m not a huge fan of personally depending on individual designs, is quite commonly used for what you now have, a soffitless eave. There are many options available. Tell him the venting needs to be addressed.

I posted the whole story. Thanks for the replies though.

Is it a white panel roof with no attic?

Well if it is not to code and not to the prints i would have objections to paying for it untill all is fixed. Call out the city inspector to have a look at the work and see if it is code. As far as all the other problems to be honest you got a crappy contractor it sounds like.

sounds like its one of those fancy frezer panel rooms that use the same panels for the roof as for the walls.
ive made alot of money off fixin theese panel roofs from leakin along the seams were they lock together.

so anyways the ones i run across are usially attached to the fasha board,
and the sophit vent ends up inside the room.
i guess the a/c goes rite up into the attic.
i dont know , im just there to fix the leaks.

good luck.