Both roof vents leaking

I built the garage 2 years ago. I installed 2 vents towards the top of the peak. Last summer I noticed leaking around the vents during heavy rains. I put tar around the vents and it didnt leak anymore. Or so I thought.

We had a heavy wet snow a few days ago and then the temps went above freezing. I noticed tonight the leak spots were back. I have no clue what to do now.

When I put tar around the vents I checked the whole area for any exposed nails. I found a couple and tarred them up also.

Is it possible that vents will not stop water from coming completely thru? Should I try to tar from the inside of the vents or will that just cause more problems?

When I put the vents in I triple checked the to make sure they were not in upside down.

Thanks for any suggestions.

is the garage heated? post some pics.

Vents should not leak when installed properly. Did you overlap the shingles correctly onto the vent ? Check your install. Caulk/tar is for peeps who do things incorrectly. Temp repair. Most the time vents leak due to imprper installation.
This doesn’t sound like a negative airflow problem since it is in the garage. Neg. airflow is the sucking of air into vent instead of the vent being an exhaust vent. My suggestion is to post some pics from the top view and from bottom view and we all should be able to help you further. Sounds like a minore problem and can be fixed pretty easily.

Tim is correct.

I agree about the tar too!!

My BIL came over from Conn. to roof with us, he couldn’t understand how and why we never tar anything. They tar everything where hes from. He couldn’t believe it. I got rid of him a few months later.

…but if its a garage, why are there vents? unless it is heated.

thats right, it an unheated garage, why the vents… don’t know, perhaps it was the ice and water barrier that stopped the ice damns on a garage that I did, or the ventilation. But it worked.

Garage is heated. Will post pics tonight after I get home from work.

To add to the why vents if unheated question:

A few years past i friend of mine needed his barn in the middle of nowhere re shingled and i agrreed. He had no ventilation at and it was rarely heatd with a forced air heater. If im not mistaken it was 25 or so squares if i rememeber correctly. AT any rate he complained of condensation on his tools that would ice up and freeze them in the tool box before he had any vents. I installed 8 vents i thnk and the problem was gone. IMO it needs vents either way.

I have seen vents that were not usable right out of the box before. The flashing portion of many vents is very low. Sometimes if the assembler wasnt on cue on any particular day, they can leak, depending on the make and model of vent.


These vents may be plastic. Could be cracked.

You guys might be on to something. Its happened to me before. With metal vent tho. Leaked like the titanic when it rained. Replaced it and all better.

put a new vent in with the correct installation and I am willing to bet the problem goes away.

actually the way i install vents is to seal the bottom of the vent so when you set it in place it seals down,this eliminates snow/ice from causing a back-up under the flange(remember under melting ice&snow all it takes is a pinhole for the back-up to force to push water back under the flange,typically i use elastomer to seal them down,im sure thats the problem unless as the guys said the vent was damaged,i dont put any sealant on the vent exterior either

caulk the bottom ? How does water get out if it was to ever get under then ? I was always told to not seal them down on the bottom. If it works for you - it works for you. You won’t catch me doing it though.

yo timothy ,if the bottom is sealed,how does water get in???it doesnt---its sealed to prevent wind driven rain,and ice back-ups,both aluminum ,and vinyl expand and contract w/temperatures which can cause the buckling of the bottom flange,where the water can then enter–clear enough for you—now i see why g-tape talks to you the way he does-he knows you well!!!

Here are some pics. I am beginning to believe I didnt install the right. I cut the hole…put vent over hole…secured with roofing nails…and shingled from the bottom up as I was doing the whole roof. If the shingle was to big I trimmed it so it would fit around the vent.

Inside pics

Yeah and i bet you caulk J channel on the top,bottom, and the sides around your windows so that wind driven snow and rains don’t get in there either. Common sense 101 applies here.

rooofinggod or roofingwannabe a roofer ? Your installation techniques don’t amuse me nor do you. You want to personnally attack me with words - GAME ON !!

29 yr.s experience here,ive trained over 100 roofers---but i prefer not to engage in a battle of wits w/an unarmed man-im easy to find

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