Bow Window and Asphalt Shingle: How to finish

I had framed up a bow window and am in the process of roofing it with asphalt shingles. I have 5 Hip rafters converging at one point. How do I finish all the ridge(hip) caps that all meet at this point.


you can use a nice sheet metal cap … just take the dimensions slope and have it made at a sheet metal shop …

the cap looks nice, but I was wanting to stick with asphalt. Also, what do I do with the hip caps once they start merging into one. Not only do I have to deal with the last one, but the last 2-3 will start running into each other.


I like to see them “laced” together…meaning at the point when the first pieces of hip caps start to touch, lay the first contacting hip, then the same shingle on the next hip, next hip, next hip, etc. When you gat done and back to the first hip, repeat all the way up. This wasy you will not have layers of hip on top of the previous full hip…am I being clear or not really?

On top goes a flashign to a wall or a cone cap like Q showed, depending on the roof/wall configuration.

I hope this helps.


You can also use smaller caps.

Yea what they said and stuff.